5 Reasons to Get a Metal Roof Restoration Instead

How often do you think about the condition of your roof? If you’re like most people, it’s probably not a frequent concern. However, in many cases, people would do well to give their roof’s condition more serious thought. 

In particular, metal roofs suffer many problems. Water accumulation, rust, wind damage, and weathering from the sun accumulate damage on metal roofs. Many people seeing these damages believe their roof needs replacing.

Fortunately, however, a metal roof restoration can mend many of these problems. Metal roof restoration provides a more affordable alternative to roof replacement, along with several other benefits. We’ll examine five of those benefits and show why they’re better than a replacement.

1. Metal Roof Restoration Cost 

The average metal roof replacement can cost anywhere from $7-$12 per square foot. The average residential home’s roof covers nearly 1,700 square feet. When you do the math, you’ll see a final figure that anyone would rather avoid.

Instead of replacing metal roofs, look into restoration services. Less labor and materials go into this job, as the crew won’t need to remove the roof. This option saves even more money in commercial roof restoration, which usually boasts a size of 20,000 square feet. 

2. You Can Restore Faded Metal Roofs To Their Original Glory

Part of the reason both businesses and homeowners choose metal roofs is their distinctive sheen. A metal roof provides a unique luster that asphalt shingles can never match. However, over time your roof will rust and weather, losing its original attractiveness.

When roof contractors restore metal roofs, they use a customized coating that removes rust layers and keeps them from returning. One roofing contractor that uses these coatings is Rubber It Roofing & Protective Coatings.

3. Save Money On Energy Bills

Metal roofing absorbs a great deal of heat, leading to an increased rate of weathering. In doing so, it prevents your HVAC system from running efficiently and leads to higher indoor temperatures. Metal roof restoration fixes this problem with a coating that turns all metal roofs into so-called “cool roofs.” 

4. Improve Building Sustainability

When you replace a roof, your previous roofing materials go straight to landfills. When you choose restoration services instead, you help protect the environment from unnecessary waste.

As mentioned before, you also help preserve the environment by keeping more stable indoor temperatures. This feature also makes your building more energy-efficient.

5. Stop Problems From Accumulating And Preserve The Roof Lifespan

The longer you take to address concerns about your roof, the more its problems can accumulate. Before long, you may have issues that will require a replacement. The sooner you request a restoration, the sooner you avoid those problems.

Restorations also help boost your roof’s lifespan. A metal roof can last from a range of 40-70 years if left in sturdy condition.

Find Roof Restoration Services Today

Because of these benefits, a metal roof restoration is a preferable option to roof replacement. In addition to saving money, restoring work helps improve the quality of your roof. So, don’t waste time; find a roof restoration service today!

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