Average Cost of Hiring a Removal Service

If you’ve got a house move looming on the horizon, then you’re going to be spending money on a whole range of different things. Of these, the removal service itself is among the more obvious. You’ll need to get all of your possessions into your new home, and many of those possessions, like fridges and sofas, might not be so easily shifted. This is where a man and van can be enormously helpful.

Estimating the cost of the removal service means thinking about how big your house is. Unless your property is exceptionally sparsely (or densely) furnished, this usually provides a decent guide. A three-bedroom house might cost an average of £815 to move from one place to another, while for a five-bedroom house this might rise to £1440. 

How are Removal Costs Calculated in?

Removal companies will factor in several different variables when they’re providing a quote. Thus, you might find that your costs fall far from the average.

The volume of stuff that you’re moving, usually in cubic feet, will be factored in. This informs the size of vehicle required, and the amount of labour and packing materials required to secure it.

The distance you’re travelling will also affect the cost. A move from one side of the country (or the continent) to another will cost a great deal more than one that’s just to the other end of the street. 

Your moving day itself will also affect the price. If you’re able to be flexible here then you stand to save a little bit.

If you need any items, like antique vases and one-of-a-kind musical instruments, then you might pay extra for them to be specially packed and shipped. Moreover, certain extremely heavy items, like range cookers and grand pianos, will need to be installed using heavy lifting equipment. They’ll also often necessitate a more powerful truck.

What are the benefits of a removal service?

You might think that you can get away with simply hiring a van and taking care of the move yourself. There are several advantages here, most notably the reduced cost. With that said, there are also drawbacks that you’ll want to think about before you decide to go down this route.

First, you’ll have to pay for fuel. If you’re shipping across a long distance, this might mean paying a significant amount – especially given that the vehicle will be heavily laden. Second, there’s the cost of renting the vehicle itself, including any insurance that goes along with it. While the van rental firm will insure the van, they won’t insure its contents. Consequently, if there’s a mishap along the way and your stuff gets smashed around, you likely won’t be covered. This makes additional insurance a sensible investment.

Finally, we should consider the fact that professional removal services have years of experience and special expertise – meaning that they’ll be able to cope with certain situations more capably than you could hope to!