How to Make Use of a Strangely-Shaped Room

The vast majority of rooms in our homes come with conveniently boxy dimensions. With right angles in every corner, it’s easy to cram furniture right into the corners, and squeeze the absolute maximum from every available corner.

In some cases, however, this isn’t quite so straightforward. You might have certain rooms with rounded walls, or angled ceilings which align with the slope of the roof, or chimney breasts running through the middle of the wall. While many of the more peculiar obstacles are to be found in older properties, many of them can be found in new-builds, too.

Let’s take a look at a few ways to make the most of the space – however irregular its dimensions!

Go made-to-measure

If you have an unusual space, then you’ll want furniture that’s been designed to fit with it. That might mean installing floating bookshelves into the nook beside a chimney breast, or it might mean installing an angled wardrobe in loft spaces, where smaller items can be crammed into the spaces beneath the slope of the roof.

Divide the Space

If your entire room is a strange space, then it might be worth dividing the entire thing into distinct zones. That way, you can create some visual distance between the main part of the space from the strange angles and corners you might be concerned about.

Use Optical Illusions

The fact is that many of the asymmetries you might think of as incredibly distracting on paper become unnoticeable when you’re actually using the space. This is because when you’re in your home, you’re not examining a diagram of the space you’re inhabiting – you’re looking at it, mostly unconsciously. Consequently, a little bit of visual trickery can disguise a whole range of sins. If the windows are not quite centred, then you might use your curtains to give the illusion that they are. You might use other elements, like radiators, to help sell illusions like this.

Get Creative

To paraphrase Tolstoy, every normal room is pretty much the same, but every weirdly-shaped room is weird in its own way. If you come to view that uniqueness as an advantage, then you might decide to draw attention to the oddness, and make a feature out of it. For example, an awkward nook might be converted into an office space. This will give you a chance to flex your creative muscles, and to create a feature around which to build the rest of your décor.