25 Interior Design Dissertation Topics and Ideas for Writing

When decorating, you must show ingenuity, intuition, and imagination. When starting to renovate, you must carefully think over the interior, determine its purpose and the function that it will perform. It is easier to arrange new interiors. This is due to the fact that they are more streamlined and also have a limited number of details. In addition, placement requires skill in choosing materials as well as matching colors. Often, the combination of novelty and old age gives an unexpected effect; there are more and more such options in new interiors. When choosing a dissertation topic, you also need to show how creative you are.


Do you need to write a dissertation in interior design but you have no idea what topic to choose? The choice of a topic isn’t as easy as ABC. You should select the dissertation topic that will attract your dissertation board members. There are many topics about interior design to choose from. How to choose the best one that will bring you the desired degree? The guaranteed way to create a great dissertation is to ask a team of dissertation experts from WriteMyPaperHub to process your request: “Help me write my dissertation”.  Competent writers from professional dissertation services know how to complete a great paper on an original topic. Check the tips on how to choose a good paper topic and get inspired by the collection of interesting and useful interior design dissertation topics.

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Dissertation Topic

There are several criteria your paper topic should meet. It mustn’t be interesting to your target audience only. You should feel passionate about the dissertation topic. There are the steps you need to take to choose the right topic for an interior design dissertation. 

  • Brainstorm up to 10 ideas and write them down highlighting both advantages and disadvantages of each one.
  • Check whether you have sufficient materials on the chosen topic. Search for credible sources of information.
  • Make sure that your interior design topic is neither too broad nor too narrow.
  • Select the topic you are interested in and are ready to devote hours to the research and analysis of the information.
  • Give preference to creative paper writing ideas that will help you to stand out.

Keep all of the points in mind when selecting among topics. Here are 25 interior design topic ideas for you to get inspired.

The Best Dissertation Topic Ideas on Interior Design

  1. 20 color combinations for bedroom designs. 
  2. The role of functionality in contemporary interior design.
  3. Modern apartment designs and the role of versatility.
  4. A combination of a day area that combines a living room with a dining room and kitchen.
  5. Decoration of premises with finishing materials (wood drawing, concrete texture, patterns from natural stone).
  6. Distinctive features of the Japanese interior design. Tell about the important role of lighting in the Japanese ethnic style. 
  7. A trendy line in interior design that can combine expensive designer items with simpler ethnic elements. Introduce a Boho style in the interior design.
  8. Timeless and stylish New York style interior design. The eclectic character of New York’s interior draws on all manifestations of this city’s multiculturalism.
  9. Bright colors help to overcome seasonal depression, as well as improve not only psychological and moral well-being but also, in some way, physical condition.
  10. How to organize space in a three-room apartment?
  11. How to make a studio kitchen design: original ideas.
  12. The most important condition for minimalism is the emptiness of space.
  13. What mistakes are made when choosing an interior design?
  14. A commercial space design project is the best way to attract clients.
  15. Is it true that the so-called rustic style harmoniously combines rural simplicity and the unique flavor of many countries?
  16. Mediterranean style bathroom design.
  17. The style in the interior is a way of transforming the environment, which is also revealed and duplicated in everything that human hands create in a certain historical period.
  18. Interesting modern interior design solutions for large apartments.
  19. The most important role in the decoration of a room is played by the colors and materials from which the equipment elements are finished.
  20. What trends are best seen in contemporary interior design?
  21. The fashion for interior design is changing rapidly. Do you agree that good design requires the highest quality and durability?
  22. Visualizing the bathroom in a computer program will not create an overall impression. The same attic bathroom is seen differently in a cramped apartment.
  23. The main requirements for a child’s room by parents are safety, plenty of light, and a sense of comfort.
  24. The frescoes on the walls should not contradict the various hobbies of young people. They should set the tone for the entire room – football fan, princess, or movie buff.
  25. A good designer can combine the wildest wishes with the principles of good taste, elegance, and modern style.

Many elements influence the character of the decorated interior. They aren’t only the quality and type of materials used for decoration, flooring or wall painting but also furniture and accessories. Modern interior design can be applied to any room in a home, apartment, or office, regardless of size. So, there are tons of interior design dissertation topics to choose from. Conduct careful research and express your own original ideas on design topics.

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