Types of Refrigerators: What You Need to Know

More than 8 million refrigerators are sold in the US every year.

If you want to keep food fresh, a refrigerator is essential. You might be looking for one for your new home, or maybe you just need an upgrade. Whatever the reason, you should consider all of the options in front of you before making a decision.

In this guide, we’ll cover the main types of refrigerators available. Keep reading for more.

Main Types of Refrigerators

Refrigerators (like all home appliances) can vary a lot in terms of size, shape, appearance, and more. With that in mind, you can split refrigerators into several distinct styles. Plenty of websites, such as www.expressapplianceid.com sell refrigerators, as well as various other types of appliances.


These have two doors, both of which open from the center. The refrigerator is on one side, and the freezer is on the other.

They offer a good amount of freezer space, adjustable shelves, and vertical storage. They often have exterior water and ice dispensers, and the door clearance is less than that of many other types.

French Door

This has two doors at the top that open from the center for the refrigerator, and a freezer drawer at the bottom. Both compartments are wide so you can store large items with ease.

Typically, the refrigerator is larger than the freezer. There are often adjustable shelves and compartments, along with external water and ice dispensers.

Bottom Freezer

With these, the freezer is at the bottom, and the refrigerator is on top, with a single door for each that opens on the side. Like French door refrigerators, these prioritize refrigerator space over freezer space.

They’re among the most common types of refrigerators and tend to have a good entry price point. Bear in mind that the doors can require a good amount of swing space to open properly.

Top Freezer

These are similar to bottom freezer types but with the freezer at the top instead. They still tend to have a lot more refrigerator space than freezer space.

This is a traditional setup, and access to food/drink inside is easy. Like bottom freezer types, these also have swing doors that require a reasonable amount of clearance in front of the unit.


These are specifically installed under kitchen counters. They’re smaller than most other refrigerators and typically have no freezer space. When they do, it’s usually just a small section at the top.

These are great for large families that have another refrigerator and need a little more storage. They also work well for people living alone who don’t need as much space and can be integrated seamlessly with kitchen cabinets.

Quad Door

Quad doors are typically larger than other types with two doors for the refrigerator and two doors for the freezer. This keeps things versatile and you can organize your food and drink how you want. A noteworthy benefit is that you can clean these easily as you only need to empty one quadrant at a time.

Other Types

If you want a more unique kitchen design, you can look at refrigerators that offer additional features. Modern options can include things like interactive touch screens, door-in-door designs, and InstaView doors.

The Right Refrigerator for Your Home

When looking at different types of refrigerators, consider what your needs are. Think about how much space you want, the layout of your kitchen, your budget, etc. and you’ll have an easy time finding the right model.

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