Best Sewing Machine For Quilting – 3 Right Recommendations For You

Are you looking for purchasing the best sewing machine for quilting? If your answer is a big yes, then how about me an experienced individual providing you a few great alternatives so you can choose the ideal quilting sewing machine. It is always good to seek a recommendation from an experienced one prior to buying any product. It helps you to know whether the product you have chosen is right in terms of durability, cost, and functionality and helps you to make a better buying decision.

Being a beginner we don’t have much knowledge about a particular product and if we don’t do any research work about the product we are looking for buying, easily we may end up getting something which isn’t useful and hence wasting money.

The same won’t happen with you because time is invested in researching, experimenting, and testing just for you to make your best sewing machine for quilting buying experience better. Keep reading and discover the best options to choose from.

About Quilting- 

Quilting is the stitching holding up the three layers of the quilt. And it’s essentially the next step of stitching which the newer are enthusiastic to become skilled at. It indeed is a necessity for all who like showing their quilting skills to others.

Most of us believe that quilting can be a hectic thing to do but it isn’t so. It can be done conveniently through a good quilting machine. Therefore you must shop for the best one which has all the essential features needed for quilting.

Wondering about it, everything you will discover here. So read the content completely.

Machine for quilting- best for you-

Best Choice- SINGER 9960 Quantum stylist 600 stitch computerized machine-

It’s a highly advanced sewing and quilting machine with modernized features which makes your quilting experience better. Its heavy-duty metal frame accounts for skip-free quilting and sturdiness. It’s a computerized quilting machine that suits all the requirements of the people due to the many features that come along with it. It comes with 600 inbuilt stitches that are highest for sewing and quilting machines falling within this cost.

This sewing cum quilting machine comes with features like an automatic thread cutter and a needle threader. Automatic needle threader helps the newer to use it conveniently. Also, it helps in reducing strain on the eyes.  

Though this machine is advanced but using it is easier.

The super-easy threading system assists to get started faster as possible as within seconds whole sewing machine can be threaded.

LCD screen display stitch that you presently are stitching and the buttons given assist to choose stitch according to your choices.

It is considered as the real workhorse as it can stitch 850 stitches every minute which is quite impressive.

The automatic tension controlling system, snap-on pressure feet, and automatic reverse are notable features.


  • LCD screen
  • Quilting table for making quilts
  • Auto electronic thread trimmer
  • Stitches for quilting
  • Auto needle threader
  • 600 built-in stitches

Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway-

If seeking forward to take your quilting passion to a professional level then this is the one you should buy. They are limited edition for aspiring crafters and fashion designers.

This portable and powerful computerized quilting machine come with 110 built-in stitches that include stitches for heirloom, quilting, and decorative stitches for regular sewing works.

It has an LCD screen where you can read several things like stitch you presently have chosen.

The pushbutton around the LCD screen allows you to change stitches easily.

This machine has a stitches chart with a proper numbering system which allows you to choose the stitches accordingly.

You can manage the speed with the slider as per your requirements.

The important feature of this machine is the automatic needle threader that’s a savior for all. Needle up/down position button, easy bobbin winding system and automatic thread cutter, etc make it an ideal selection. Also, it comes with a free arm feature for sleeves, collars, and stuff.


  • Speed controller
  • 100 built-in stitches
  • Quilting table
  • Quilting stitches
  • Free arm
  • Drop feed and free motion
  • Fonts on monogramming
  • 8 styles of single-step holes

Brother HC1850- Affordable for new quilters

In case you want the mid-price range machine, this one can be the right choice.

With all features that one needs in a quilting machine, this one is an award-winning machine that doesn’t cost you much.

It has a great design and is a computerized machine which does many things with just a press of a button.

The significant features for making quilting are, its 130 built-in stitches help to decorate the quilt with different stitching patterns.

This machine includes 8 single step automatic holes. The flipchart given at the front helps with the fast selection of the stitches.

It has 170 stitching functions for decorating items, heirloom, and quilting.

It includes fonts for decorative, monogramming, and stitches for quilting and heirloom stitching.

It’s a stylish sewing machine with an extension table that allows you to manage the bigger projects or the quilt easily.

The extension table is detachable so that it can be stored easily when you don’t need it.

It comes with special features that make it the right pickup for quilters who are restricted on the budget.

 A notable feature about this machine is that it has an LCD screen on which all the important information is displayed like a selected stitch.

The small push button is used for altering the stitch and control the speed of stitching.


  1. Affordable to buy
  2. Removable wide quilting table
  3. 170 stitches functions for decorating items, quilting, and heirloom
  4. Special features are added for quilting- spring action quilting foot, free motion quilting

How you can take care of it?


There are several things you need to do for protecting the machine from the effects of wear & tear. We need to oil it to let all its parts to function better and in addition to that more things are there to do.

You need to keep eye on the needle sharpness. They become blunt over time that makes them less accurate and harder to use. It’s better to change the needle whenever take a new project.

A protective cover can prevent it from getting in contact with dust that affects small parts. You can take it to the professional for its servicing.

Thus your machine will last for a longer time.

Summing up-

Those are the recommendations on the best sewing machine for quilting for you to buy. Surely you will make a well-informed buying decision.