5 Upgrades For A Smarter Home

Perhaps one of the easiest and most common ways to modernize your home is by adding high-tech appliances. But today, thanks to various technological advances and innovations, you can further revamp your houses by incorporating smart controls and features into your homes.

Having that smart home can now become a reality. After all, technology is now an inherent part of everyday life. It’s more than just about the convenience. It’s also about topping up a notch higher the comfort level in your home.

If you’re ready to upgrade your home, consider the following ideas to help you get started.

Audio-Video System 

One of the usual upgrades most homeowners consider is an audio-video system. This is particularly true for people who value their home entertainment system. Utilizing modern AV solutions allows homeowners to be minimalist with their entertainment system without sacrificing maximum enjoyment.

Why should you get one installed? Here are some of the key reasons:

It Reduces Clutter.

The number of wires and electronic appliances you’ll have to add can be an intrusion to your interior design, especially when you’re after a more minimalist vibe. More so, you’d have to consider the control of each appliance and entertainment components such as speakers. 

This is where a reliable and efficient AV system comes in. By installing one, you’d have centralized control, which can offer you a more convenient way to use your entertainment system.

It Can Give Consistent Audio and Video Quality in Every Room.

With an AV system in place, everyone in your household gets to enjoy the same sound frequency and video quality, regardless of where they are in the house.

If you’re interested in having one installed in your house, you can run a quick search of ‘AV installer near me’ to help you find good quality equipment and a reliable installer. 

Smart Thermostats

Most houses have a manual or analog thermostat installed. Based on its name, this type of thermostat has to be manually adjusted and operated from time to time. This means that for it to function, it will rely on you to adjust the temperature based on your comfort preference. Aside from requiring extra effort on your part, it can be costly too when it comes to regulating the energy consumption of your house.

However, today’s smart thermostats serve to provide a solution to that dilemma. The smart thermostat can do all the work of sensing whether or not you’re at home. Room temperature can automatically be adjusted, which means that you don’t have to do manual work every time you leave the house. This can truly be an advantage- especially when you’re always in a rush.

What’s more, it also helps you save energy. Automation is the future that will not only make your life easier but also support the noble cause of protecting the environment. To learn more about automation, visit website.

Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan / Smart Ceiling Fans

Surely, there were a few instances wherein you are comfortably settled in your bed or on the couch. Then, you find the need to get up just to adjust the ceiling fan controls. And even if it came with a remote, if the remote isn’t anywhere near you, then that inconvenience still exists.

With a smart ceiling fan installed in your home, you can avoid this experience since you can conveniently control it from your phone. Or perhaps, if you have a home kit, you can also command your virtual assistant to do it for you.

And aside from it being automated, smart ceiling fans are also quiet. More so, they come in sleek designs that can perfectly match your modern homes’ interior. 

Smart Bulbs And Dimmers

In the past, light switches only have two settings. It’s either completely switched on or completely shut off. Then light dimmers came into being. And today, even better upgrades happened- smart bulbs and dimmers. 

They come with different features and capabilities. Some can be controlled through your phone or home kit, like all other smart features of your home. While there are also those smart dimmers that respond to voice control.

All in one smart home control system app concept on tablet display in man hands

The caveat, however, is that those automated capabilities, like voice control, may apply only once the light itself is switched on. If the switch is flipped off, you’ll have to manually switch it on yourself first.

Smart Smoke Detector

One of the biggest hazards in any house or building remains to be fire. In its worst case, both property and lives can get lost. If you can do anything to be proactive and protect your home, why not. Smoke detectors can easily be installed, but you can always take it one step higher with a smart smoke detector.

It doesn’t just save you money, but potentially your life, too. Even when you’re away, the smoke detector can send an alert to your smartphone, should anything be amiss.


In the past, the idea of smart homes may have seemed so foreign. Or perhaps, it was reserved only for the luxurious homes in the market. However, today, upgrades for a smart home are a lot more accessible and affordable. 

The ideas above can give you a good start. Match each option to what your home needs – or what you prefer, so you’ll be able to make the most of and enjoy your smart home upgrades.

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