Home DIY Trends: How To Make Your Skirting Boards Stand Out

Although the primary purpose of skirting boards might be to protect your walls, the truth is that nobody wants these to look old, shabby and unkempt. That’s why you will have to think about changing things up a little bit from time to time, either by getting completely new boards or by embellishing the ones that you already have. Speaking of embellishing, I’m sure that you don’t want these things to look bland and uninteresting either, in addition to not wanting them to be old and shabby.

In other words, you want them to stand out: http://birdinhand.org.uk/2019/06/10/make-your-skirting-boards-stand-out/

Well, if you are truly interested in making your skirting boards stand out, then you will most certainly need to step up your design game and do something about it. It’s not like you can just sit around and expect things to get magically better all on their own. If that was your plan, then I’ve got some news for you, my friend. We aren’t living in a magical world where you can just snap your fingers and make things both appear and disappear.

That would be rather nice, though, wouldn’t it? In any case, since magic is not an option, it means that you will have to put some effort into achieving this particular goal all on your own. Well, home DIY projects are quite trendy these days, which is why I am quite sure that you won’t have a hard time getting the tips you need in order to make your skirting boards stand out. I am also quite sure that you will enjoy the whole process of embellishing these and that you’ll be rather proud of the DIY project that you completed.

As I have mentioned, though, you will undeniably need some tips on how to achieve this particular goal, since nobody is born with those particular skills. Well, that’s precisely what I am here for. If you keep on reading, you will definitely get some useful tips on how to make your skirting boards stand out and how to wow people with their amazing look. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at those tips.

  1. Choose The Right Type & Style

If you are planning to replace these in your old home, or add them to your new one, then here’s the first thing you should know. The type and the style you choose play a crucial role in how it will all actually look and whether the design will pop or flop. This means that you should pay special attention to the style you are choosing, so that you don’t end up regretting it afterwards. You will see that there are quite a lot of designs to choose from, meaning that you’ll certainly have a pretty difficult task on your hands.

Here’s what I suggest. Take a look at the bullnose skirting styles and similar popular and timeless designs that are bound to look amazing at basically any property. In other words, choose those styles that you cannot go wrong with, such as the bullnose skirting boards and other similar ones. There is no doubt that you will be happy after choosing such a classic design, because it will basically never become outdated and you will certainly not have any troubles with making it fit in with your whole interior design.

  1. Change The Height

In case you are sort of bored with the design that you already have and in case you feel that there is something rather wrong about it even though the style is actually beautiful, here’s what you should think about. Is the height right? It could just happen that the height is exactly what’s causing you to feel that there’s something wrong with your skirting boards, because the size can definitely influence the way these products will look inside your home.

Of course, the size you should choose depends on the interior of your home, but here’s the thing. If you feel that there’s something lacking and that your skirting boards look just weird inside your property, changing the height might do the trick. You can go for a taller or a lower option and see what works. In any case, the point is that changing the height can make a huge difference, so don’t forget to keep that in mind.

  1. Add Some Colors

There are usually some standard colors that you can get these products in and it’s quite true that those colors are capable of fitting in with any kind of an interior. In other words, you will indisputably be able to find the standard option that will suit for your overall design. Yet, here is another truth that you might want to hear. Those colors can get quite boring after a while. Is there anything you can do about that, though?

Fortunately for you, there most certainly is! What you have to do is get some tips on how to decorate and paint these specific products, such as the tips you can find in this article, and use those to embellish the look of your skirting boards. Just think of all the amazing options you have now that you know you can actually paint these. There are so many colors you can experiment with, but I suggest you don’t take it too far, because you don’t want to end up ruining the whole appearance. The trick is in choosing the colors that will fit right in with your overall interior.

  1. Enhance Them With LED Lights

Now, here is a creative and fun idea that could help you take your skirting boards to a whole different level. If you are bored with the same old, same old, why don’t you give LED lights a chance and embellish these parts of your home with a few of those lights? Make sure to check if this can be done with your particular boards and, if yes, feel free to try it out, because LED lights will certainly enhance their appearance.

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