Get a New Beginning in These 5 Best Places to Start Over

At some point, we’ve all had a moment where we wished we could be anywhere but where we are at that moment. For some, it’s just a thought. For others, it becomes a reality. 

If you had the opportunity to relocate, what are the best places to start over? 

There is a lot to consider when planning a move. Things like median income for that city, crime rates, transportation, and schools if you have children. Individuals looking to buy will need to consider neighborhoods and housing prices. Plus, does the state have an income tax.

Are you planning a big move? Determining the best places to move is about personal preferences. In our list, we cover places that are great singles, married couples, families, and retirees.

Read on!

1. Sarasota, FL

Sunshine year-round and beautiful white sand beaches are what makes Sarasota, FL, one of the best places to live in the U.S. Located on the west coast of Florida, it’s ranked in the top 25 most desirable places to reside.

The median income is $44,230 and home prices are in the high $200K. If you’re looking for a growing community with many possibilities, Sarasota is a great place to start over.

2. Boston, MA

Boston is a city that has a lot to offer, including education, world-class healthcare, and quality transportation. Are shopping and nightlife are important to you? Boston is ranked high for having a downtown mecca known for its walkability. 

If your goal is to purchase instead of renting, you can find homes for sale easily. 

3. Huntsville, AL

The south is on the rise, and people are leaving their northern digs for lower taxes and planned communities. Huntsville, Alabama, is one of several southern cities people are attracted to for its charm and friendly-environment.

Whether you are looking to rent or buy, the cost of living is relatively low. Huntsville is also home to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and other cultural attractions.

4. Seattle, WA

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly city with lots of parks and forestland? Seattle has it all. Plus, it has ranked in the top 10 cities many years in a row. 

The average income is above average, but the cost of living has remained low-to-moderate.

5. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

The Dallas-Ft. Worth area is in the midst of a growth spurt. New housing construction is still low and the cities are appealing to young singles and families.

The area is surrounded by beautiful suburbs, which means transportation is important. If urban living is a must, they have that also.

These Are the Best Places to Start Over

Did these five best places to start over pique your interest? With remote work opportunities growing, now is a great time to relocate to a place you’ve dreamed of living. 

Once you’ve decided to take the next step, we have you covered with great lifestyle ideas and tips. Continue checking back for more articles.

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