Berg Insight, a research firm from Sweden, claims that there are currently 63 million people in America that have some form of a Smart Home. Statistica claims that by 2025, 6.6 million consumers in Australia will have upgraded to smart homes, with 32.7% of them already using some type of smart device. The future looks like a world full of homes that will perform basic daily functions, along with advanced technologies geared towards the population of smart users. 

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Artificial Intelligence is a concept that most of us have seen in science fiction movies and have read about in stories based in a futuristic world. There is still a ton of advancements that need to be made, but this technology is no longer fiction or something to come. AI is here for some consumers to use, and as we move into the future it will become more advanced and easier to obtain. Smart homes will be built with a system that controls the entire house, and it will learn your patterns and adjust to them accordingly. It will have a central brainbox that will send orders throughout the house to control different functions and devices.
  2. Smart Lighting-Lights turn on when you enter a room and turn off when you exit. When you lay down in your bed a sensor in the bed will send a signal to the brain after a certain length of time, turning the lights off automatically. If you sit down in your reading chair a lamp will turn on for you. You can set the program to turn on bright, dim down, or shut completely off to customize according to your specific needs.
  3. Home Monitoring-Every aspect of your home, and your life, can be monitored for any number of reasons. Broadband plans can allow your information to stream live to a monitoring company, or you can simply wire everything to connect with your handheld device so you can monitor things yourself. Elderly and sick people can be watched in case emergency responders need to be called. Intruders can be tracked, and the police called. Nanny’s can be watched as they care for your children. The uses are endless and as technology grows the applications will continue to become more advanced.
  4. Smart Locks-Locks that can be installed on your doors will be able to read specific people and open automatically. Users can be programmed into the system to allow entry. Those that are not authorized to access the house, or building, will not be allowed to enter unless opened. This technology will also allow users to lock and unlock any door that has a smart lock installed, remotely.
  5. Smart Appliances-Appliances that make our lives easier will be commonplace. You can start them remotely and monitor them to ensure that they run properly. They will even soon be able to read your patterns and adjust for them. They will even be able to alert you if the system detects something not working correctly, allowing you to have the device repaired before it becomes a bigger problem.
  6. Smart Toilets-A smart toilet is not something that most people would even consider or think about. The fact is that they save you money in more ways than one. They flush automatically with water and energy-saving flush. They will also be able to analyze your body, instead of going to a medical lab and inform you of any problems that it finds. 

Today’s world relies on technology to get us through the days. Smart homes allow us to live in luxury without having to worry about simple things. Your kids and animals will be safe while gone, and your house is protected from anything that could happen. The future of the smart home is even broader with endless additions that will improve your quality of life and increase your safety and ease of mind.