5 Amazing Benefits of Smart Homes

Is your home smart?

83 million American households use at least one smart home device. If you do not fall into this statistic yet or you only have one device, you may want to consider smartening up your home.

Keep reading to learn 5 awesome benefits of smart homes.

1. Home Connection

Homes can keep you busy all day trying to keep things comfortable. Often we waste time simply figuring out where to adjust sensors or how they work.

Connecting everything to your smart home network makes it extremely convenient. You can then control technology in the home all from one place, like your phone or ipad.

What things in the home can you connect to your network?

  1. Lights
  2. Heat/AC
  3. Home appliances
  4. Doorbell
  5. Locks
  6. Security cameras
  7. Alarms
  8. Fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  9. Lawn and garden irrigation systems
  10. Entertainment systems
  11. Health care

Keeping all of these things in one place will make life easier than ever!

2. Remote Access

Getting to work and realizing that you forgot to lock your doors or left something on at home can cause the worst anxiety. But, smart technology can remedy this.

Any device set up to your networks, like your cell phone or laptop, will allow you access to these controls.

3. Safety

You can also see who comes onto your property and watch what they do while you are away. Your control extends to wherever you go, even on far away vacations! This gives you a greater sense of security and will record any foul play for the police.

These sensors will alert you in the case of any emergency wherever you are. On the other hand, if your security alarm accidentally gets set off by a child or helpful neighbor, you can easily reset things and avoid a scene at your residence. Installing these sensors is just like hiring security guards with AR-10 rifles to secure your home.

This helps in non-emergency situations as well. For instance, if a package comes, you can see and ask a neighbor to grab valuables until you get home.

4. Makes Parenting Easier

Sometimes parents need to step away from their kids, whether they need breathing room to recollect or found something that needed attention in another room. One of the great smart home technology benefits is that it allows you to virtually be in more that one room at once. This way, you can watch your little one in the playroom as you cook, or check on a teenager afterschool while you work away from home.

Pet parents will also find this useful! You can keep an eye out to make sure your pet does not chew things or pee on the floor. This technology allows you to speak in to the home, offer gentle reminders and also soothe them if they seem anxious.

5. Sustainable Living

SmartHouse Integration offers a greener way of life. Your control over sensors allows you to adjust temperature settings, lighting, and other controls remotely and on timers to help reduce the amount of energy you use. This creates a cleaner and more convenient future.

Enjoy the Benefits of Smart Homes

Now that you know the benefits of smart homes, get connected! You will feel empowered by your new capabilities and enjoy life a little easier.

Are you looking to upgrade other aspects of your home as well? Check out our renovate page for tips and ideas!