Need to Know When Working Around an Air Compressor

Air compressors are special devices that help power up an assortment of tools through the power of pressurized air. These devices are best used for small operations that can’t manage to run heavy machinery. Here’s why you should consider getting an air compressor for your company.

What’s great about them is that not only are they highly functional, they are also very safe to use. It’s great to have it around the workplace as this not only serves as a means to have back up energy, it also does well to lessen risks inside the workplace. Here are a few things you should know about working with air compressors.

They’re More Compact

If you’ve seen a power generator, you’re already familiar with how much space it can take up in the workplace. Aside from being a space hogger, power generators also pose a potential workplace hazard as people could hit them while carrying objects that obstruct their line of sight.

A good thing about air compressors is that they are compact and can be stored just about anywhere. Aside from the visible cables, you have nothing else to worry about when using air compressors.

A common issue in factories and other heavy-duty workplaces is that there isn’t enough space to go by. If your workers are carrying heavy or sharp objects, it’s harder for them to get from one place to the other if the space is too tight. Air compressors are a great alternative as compared to those bulky generators.

They’re Highly Versatile

It’s surprising to see the selection of equipment that can be powered by an air compressor. Experts from list some of these devices which include drills, nail guns, grinders, sanders, and even AC units. They’re capable of powering even those high-energy consuming AC units so this means you can save a lot on electricity bills.

This versatility goes a long way because it means that you can use the air compressor for almost all of your tools. Gone are the days of delayed production.

As they are highly versatile, they also help free up more room in the workplace. You’ll no longer need backup generators. This extra moving room can help your workers perform better and safer as well.

They’re Safe And Easy To Use

Despite being amazing equipment, air compressors are very easy to use. All you need to do is link up the device to the equipment you have powered, and you’ll be good to go. Nearly everyone can learn how to use an air compressor in just a few hours.

As they are easy to use, have very little to worry about in regard to safety and accidents. What’s great about air compressors is that unlike other alternative power sources such as generators, they don’t need to be filled with fuel. This lessens the probability of fire hazards in the workplace.

Seeing as air compressors are just backup energy sources, they don’t have to be connected to electricity anymore once you use them. Let’s take a look at a common situation in workplaces.

During power outages, your employees are often left scrambling in the dark to get to the generator. This is usually unsafe as your employees could get into an electrical or fire hazard while handling fuel-run generators. On the other hand, as air compressors don’t need any of these things, it will be much safer for them to handle the equipment, even in the dark.

They’re Excellent Backup 

Even during these days, the supply of electricity is still an issue in some parts of the world. A lot of businesses across various industries still suffer from power outages from time to time. Even if the outage is just for an hour or even a few minutes, that’s already more than enough to throw off your logistics and operations. It’s always better to have a backup means to power up your equipment and an air compressor will do just that.

Air compressor

Air compressors are primarily used as means to sustain your equipment when the power goes out. Backup generators usually do the work but these are most costly as compared to what you will spend when operating an air compressor. Moreover, you can have multiple air compressors so that the workload is shared between them.

Air compressors might just be the next best investment that your business needs. These aren’t exactly expensive. Considering how much you’ll save in utility bills, this is actually a practical investment. Moreover, you’re guaranteed a device that can last for a really long time inside your facility.

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