Tips & Tricks to Clean Electric Window Blinds 

Window blinds are an easy way to add a little extra style to your home. But they can also get dirty and stained. According to Craft Axis, most people don’t realize that electric window blinds need to be cleaned regularly. If you notice that your blinds are getting dirty, it’s time for a deep clean! Let’s look at some of the best tips and tricks for easily keeping your electric window blinds clean.  

Why should you clean your electric window blinds?

Many people assume that cleaning electric window blinds is a tedious and time-consuming task. However, it is vital to clean your window blinds as dust and debris might build and start an electrical fire.

Cleaning electric window blinds might be time-consuming, but it is necessary for safety reasons. When you clean your electric window blinds, you are also keeping them looking excellent! 

How is It Possible That You Can Clean Your Electric Window Blinds Without Repainting?

You might be able to clean your electric window blinds without having to repaint them. This is due to the blinds’ self-cleaning layer, which prevents the paint from fading or losing its colour.

But, before you start cleaning your electric window blinds, it is important to know how they work. The first thing to do is to remove the plastic covering around the cord so that you can pull out on it and remove the cord from its socket. Then, take a cloth and dampen it in water before using it on your electric window blinds. You should then use a dry cloth to finish off by drying them off with another dry cloth.

Best Ways to Clean Your Electric Window Blinds

Cleaning your electric window blinds can be a tough task to do by yourself. You may need to hire someone for it or use a cleaning product that can be messy and time-consuming. With these 5 easy ways, you can clean your electric window blinds without hiring someone.

The best way to clean your electric window blinds is by following these easy steps:

  1. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet where you have the blinds plugged in.
  2. Remove any screws that are holding on the wooden frame of the window blinds, and then remove it from its position.
  3. Take a dry cloth and wipe down all of the surfaces of the window blinds, including any metal parts that are visible beneath fabric.
  4. Vacuum up any dust or grime on areas that you can’t reach with a cloth or a vacuum cleaner hose.
  5. Plug in your power cord again, and enjoy your clean windows!

3 Tips for Maintaining an Electric Window Blind

Electric window blinds are one of the most common types of window covering. They have a number of benefits that make them a popular choice for many homeowners. However, they do require some maintenance to ensure that they are working well and to maintain their aesthetic appeal.

Here are three tips for maintaining your electric window blinds:

  •  Clean the area around the cords regularly. Dust and dirt around these cords can cause them to get damaged and stop working properly.
  •  Keep the cord from being tangled by using an electric cord winder or by hanging it up with a cord clip.
  •  Check on your blinds regularly to make sure that they operate smoothly and without any issues.

The use of electric window blinds is growing rapidly due to their convenience, easy installation, and low cost compared with the traditional options such as shades or curtains. There are a multitude of options for electric window blinds. From vertical and horizontal slats Blinds are an essential part of your home decor. They can make your room look good, but you need to take care of them well.   Properly caring for your blinds will ensure that you have fewer issues in the future and you can enjoy them for a long time. Ditch the old blinds in favor of a new custom set easily at  The custom-made blinds will offer the look you want and last for a long time.  Customize blinds can be created in a variety of colors and styles, which will help you keep your home looking fresh. When it comes to blinds, the more you take care of them, the longer they will last. 


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