Innovative Ways You Can Get That Perfect Cup Of Coffee To Jumpstart Your Day

You can deviate from your basic morning drip-brew with some Alternative coffee-making methods. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee barista or just the average coffee maker, sometimes it helps mix and spice things up. Switching your regular morning coffee-making ritual can brighten your day, coupled with the caffeine rush itself. For instance, filling your cup of coffee with milk and sugar and a few scoops of vanilla is not a healthy route you should take. Fortunately, you can turn this around by enjoying your coffee and still doing it healthily. When you learn to drink coffee the right way, you open up a magical world of tasteful experiences. Please read on to understand how you can achieve this feeling.

  1. Cold Brew Your Coffee

Are you craving iced coffee? This feeling doesn’t have to be satisfied with a sudden rush to a random coffee shop. If you’re thinking about brewing some cold coffee, you can check this site for some good coffee flavors. You can start your week by planning an iced coffee schedule to last you a whole week. If you want to achieve tasteful results, we recommend adding two tablespoons of coarsely-ground coffee to a mason jar with one-quarter cups of water. Let it sit for about ten hours, then strain and enjoy.

2. Try Going Bulletproof

If you’re not new to the coffee world, perhaps you’ve heard about bulletproof coffee. Seasoned coffee baristas will always recommend this for any coffee lover. Ideally, you can never go wrong when adding butter to anything. However, the key here is to use grass-fed butter instead of the traditional butter you find in many grocery stores. Again, if butter is not your ideal alternative, try going for coconut oil. Using coconut oil means you are also going to achieve fantastic health benefits like boosting your immune system. Additionally, this is also an excellent option for vegan or dairy-free people if you want to add a little bit of natural sweetness.

3. Have You Tried Warming Your Coffee Mugs?

Coffee experts often disagree about how many coffee mugs should be heated and which part of the cup should be warm. However, the general agreement is that a warmed coffee mug is better than a cold one. You should know that the temperature of your coffee influences its flavor profile. Even if you brew the best coffee, putting it into a cold cup can impact your coffee’s body and taste. This is why many people prefer drinking their espressos immediately and why baristas add in steamed milk right after brewing. You can heat your coffee mug in different ways. The best option is to store your coffee mugs on top of your espresso machine since there’s a rack present.

4. Quality Water, Better Taste

Water and coffee are the two main ingredients of espresso. Many people widely ignore the former. Water is a vital ingredient as it has a significant influence on the final taste. If you’re not careful with your water choice, you might be wondering why your coffee tastes like the back of a metallic spoon. The solution is always to use quality filtered water. We recommend using a water jug with an inbuilt filter – you can get one quickly from your local supermarket.

5. Avoid Using Pre-Ground Coffee

This is a critical habit that any seasoned coffee connoisseur will tell you to avoid. If you buy pre-ground coffee, this accelerates the stalling process in a big way. This is akin to leaving your baked cake uncovered overnight and expecting it to be soft and fresh the next day. With pre-ground coffee, you will notice that the grinds will lose their fragrance. The same will happen to your brewed coffee. The results will be a bland coffee taste with no aroma and flavor. Since the natural oils in coffee oxidize, the brew’s flavor changes consistently from pleasant to unpleasant. Additionally, it can also become distasteful and offensive.

6. Coffee to Water Ratio

Perhaps you’re wondering how much coffee or water you should use. This is where many people go off the books. While it looks like some tough math, this ratio plays a significant role in your coffee game. The general rule is that 1 gram of coffee goes with 15-18 milliliters of water (1:15 or 1:16). This ratio ensures the flavor is well-balanced – not too weak or too strong.

We hope these tricks and tweaks will help you make the perfect cup of coffee and help brighten your day. Additionally, you can also try adding some spices to your brew. Some common spices include cardamom, cinnamon, or cayenne that will give your coffee an exciting taste. Finally, mastering your way to perfection when making coffee will take time to learn and enjoy.


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