Why You Save Money by Replacing Air Conditioning

Do you think it’s time to replace your air conditioning unit?

Most of us try to put off replacing our air conditioning units to avoid the expense. We make do with lots of little fixes. But did you know that replacing your unit could save you money?


Read on for some of the reasons why replacing air conditioning units can save you money.

Newer AC Units Have Better Efficiency

Take a look at your energy bills, if they’re higher than usual, an old AC unit might be to blame. This is because older units have lower efficiency ratings (SEER). SEER stands for the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and the higher this rating is, the more efficient a unit is.

Say your current unit has a SEER rating of 9, and you replace your air conditioning unit with a 15 SEER. You can expect to see an annual energy saving of 40%.

Newer Units Don’t Need as Many Repairs

Regular maintenance plays a big part in preventing excessive air conditioning repair. But older units usually will need more maintenance and repairs than new ones.

As they age, natural wear and tear will set in. Parts will fail and need replacing, and issues will arise that need fixing. If you’re calling the repairman every week consider air conditioning replacement.

If you replace an HVAC system in your home it should be smooth, efficient, and reliable. Bi-annual check-ups should be all that’s needed for years to come.

Have the Right Air Conditioning Unit For Your Needs

When it comes to saving money on energy consumption, the size of your unit is important. SEER ratings aren’t the only factors that determine efficiency, the size of your unit will too.

You need to get the right size unit for the size of your home. Smaller units are usually cheaper and don’t use as much energy as larger ones with the same SEER.
But an AC unit that’s too small won’t cool your home enough. You’ll need to run it more to get a comfortable temperature.

A unit that is too large will be noisy and provide unstable temperature control. It’ll also waste power and money. Replace air conditioning units that don’t fit your home’s size for one that does. But always get them sized by a professional HVAC company like https://airmedicsac.com/.

There’s Incentives & Rebates for New Units

For replacement AC units with higher SEER or ENERGY STAR ratings, there are incentives and rebates. Most utilities offer discounts and rebates for going with new, more efficient units. In some areas, there may also be state or municipal tax credits available.

Replacing Air Conditioning Units Made Easy

So, there you have it! Now you know how replacing air conditioning units can save you money, what are you waiting for.

Boosting your SEER rating will bring in significant energy savings. As will making sure your unit is the right size for your home. Small repairs might not cost much on their own, but if it’s a new repair each week it’ll soon add up.

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