5 Essential Features of Removalists

Are you preparing to move from your Sydney home? The removalist industry is worth over AUD2.3 billion, according to IBIS World. When preparing to move, opt for a service provider like Safe Removalist who can provide multiple services like packing, moving, and clean-up. This can help you with a smooth transition, whether you are staying in the metropolitan Sydney area or moving interstate to another Australian state. Here are some key features you should look for when hiring a removalist in Sydney.

Moving House/Business 

These are some of the main types of relocations. For example, you might need to transfer your home or company within Sydney. It is helpful if you can hire the same removalist company for both types of relocations.

Families and companies move for different reasons. Households might move based on factors like neighbourhood location, children’s ages, and property taxes. Australian companies might also decide to relocate for reasons including high rent, taxes, and competition.

Some companies also offer interstate moves. While the relocation process is similar, the extra distance can result in more complex logistics. So it is important to select the right company if you are moving from Sydney to Melbourne, for example.   

Truck Fleet

It’s critical to determine the truck sizes a removalist company offers. For example, in some situations, you might have a smaller amount of house contents to move. Meanwhile, in others like multiple-storey houses or large companies, you might need to move over a dozen tonnes of clothes, furniture, and equipment. 

Having the choice of multiple trucks can help to reduce the total costs of moving. It can free up money for other moving expenses.  

Price Quote

Some companies offer free, no-obligation price quotes. It can provide a figure to guide you when selecting a removalist company. The amount of contents you are moving is critical.

However, the exact cost might differ between different companies. A free, no-obligation quote can help you to find the best deal.

Moving Insurance

This is a feature you should consider looking for in a removalist company. Selecting an experienced company can help to reduce possible issues while transferring the contents of your home or business. They’ll be more likely to take precautions to help minimise the risk of mishaps during your move.

Meanwhile, as always it’s better to take all precautions to protect your possessions. You can achieve that goal by securing moving insurance as part of your removalist services.

Special Offers

The cost of moving house in Australia can be expensive for various reasons. It includes the cost of the move itself that involves the services of the removalist company. Such costs will be higher due to an interstate relocation from Sydney to another state.

Various other factors can make relocation costs higher. For example, situations like the COVID-19 pandemic or economic downturn can cause money crunches.

Fortunately, some removalist companies offer special discounts for items like:

  • Full-service
  • Plastic containers
  • Relocation days/times

These discounts can significantly reduce the total cost of moving house. It is critical to learn about all the special offers of a company to know how much you can save.  

When searching for a moving company, make sure you go for a reputable one like Safe Removalist. There are several factors to consider, including moving house or business, truck and containers, and free price quotes. Weighing these issues can help you to choose wisely whether you are moving across town or cross-country.

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