Property seekers must work with brokers and real estate agents to purchase a home in a specific city. They provide these agents with a sizable sum of money. Such agents’ use probably declines due to mobile technologies and real estate apps. Building an app with a real estate app development company can help individuals pay brokers much less. They also can give them a better sense of the properties that fit within their price range.

Consumers have begun expressing a solid desire to download and install these apps on various devices. They include computers, tabs, and smartphones. The development of apps for real estate businesses requires a great deal of consideration and support. Creating an interactive app where users log in, enter their data, and the app then pulls the data and returns the results is never easy.

Why are real estate apps necessary?

The real estate sector felt obliged to become digital simultaneously as the globe was becoming digital.  Property searches that relied on roving local brokers for an appropriate property got outdated.

Finding a property, trading, and inspecting it has all been made possible online with just a few clicks. Real estate firms started developing mobile apps to simplify things and offer a virtual experience. 

The cost of creating and maintaining mobile apps was very high for businesses. To meet their demands, businesses might choose a custom mobile app development. To create a real estate application, real estate agencies need to contact a real estate app development company. 

Aspects affecting the price of real estate apps

  • OS platform/devices

It is well known that developing apps for Android smartphones cost 30 per cent more than developing apps for iOS handsets. It is primarily due to the volume of OS versions available on the Android market. The price and duration increase for apps on iOS and Android platforms. With Flutter, programmers may build and distribute a standard version for major OS platforms. 

  • Skills and experience 

The cost of the app increases when a top-performing team of mobile and web programmers are involved.

  • Developer team location and size

The cost increases as the development team get bigger. The location of the team’s base of operations and team size are both factors. The hourly wage for developers varies from nation to nation. Developers in the US make $110 to $250 per hour, while those in India make around $25 to $50 per hour.

  • App Architecture 

The application front-end covers how the app appears; the price rises, the more attractive the app seems. Application back-end comprises the quantity of hardware and software employed to improve the performance of such an app. 

  • Cloud service provider

It is the price of web hosting for these real estate apps. Such solutions for app hosting are offered by servers such as Google cloud platforms.

  • Deployment fees

Deploying the real estate app through iOS and Android platforms entails additional charges. The store accounts require a one-time payment of $25 for the Google Play Store or a yearly payment of $99 for iOS.

Costs in multiple development stages

Creating an app is complex and cannot be finished quickly. An app must pass through several stages before completion and release.

  • Native app development

It is creating a real estate app specifically for a single platform. The app is built using programming languages currently available on these platforms. It takes roughly 900 hours to accomplish, and the expense for this phase ranges from around $25,000.

  • UI/UX layout

User interface and user experience designing is another crucial phase. This level can cost around $5,000 and roughly 200 hours of labour.

  • Testing/QA phase

The QA team reviews the quality assurance, and the testing team tests the application for proper functionality. It can cost between $5,000 to $10,000 and requires about 400 hours to perform.

  • Project management

In this phase, the internal server administers and executes the program. This level generally costs between $5,000 and $7,500.

These approximate figures may differ from one app to another and from one developer to another. A real estate mobile application with plenty of features would cost between $20,000 to $30,000. A business can opt for a custom mobile app development with the most cutting-edge technology features and multiple integrations. In such a case, the final cost would rise between $50000 and $200000.


It has reduced the requirement for a broker making it more straightforward for individuals to seek properties.  The real estate sector has also initiated several real estate mobile apps, where the search parameters are relatively more concise than the web. Using real estate smartphone apps, customers may search for properties anywhere. It is encouraged to consult a real estate app development company to walk through the process. They can help to get the work done correctly and within the budget.