Most Effective Ways to Get Pet Hair Out of Carpet

We all love to keep pets in our homes because they are our perfect partners in creating a jolly environment and spreading happiness. Isn’t it? 

Things run smoothly unless your pets start shedding their hair on your luxurious carpet. Removing hair from a smooth floor isn’t difficult, but when hair gets embedded in the carpet’s fibers, the real challenge starts right then. 

If you have got a short-haired pet, there won’t be that much problem of hair shedding. You’ll find excessive hair everywhere only when you’re pet has long hair. 

Especially if you’re a hygiene-loving person or an asthma patient, the carpets loaded with pet hair will be a great nuisance for you. What’s the catch, by the way? 

All you need are the best possible ways to get the maximum hair out of deep carpet fibers. Many experts at Authentic Pick recommend Bissel and Miele vacuum cleaners to get the job done and eliminate traces of hair out of your carpets. 

But, let’s explore some other effective ways too! 

Ways to Remove Pet Hair from Carpets

  1. Using a Kitchen Sponge 

Using a kitchen sponge on a rugged carpet or furry matt gets the arduous task of hair-removing way easier than before. Yes, you read that right. 

It might sound crazy that an old-fashioned regular sponge that you probably use for dishwashing can clear up stubborn and sticky hair out of the carpet. But, it’s the most effective way, no doubt. 

For that, you have to grab a clean and dry sponge and rub it against the carpet. Don’t forget to vacuum the floor before starting. 

If your cleaning area is quite large, you can also equip yourself with a sponge mop. Dampen the mop, rub it over the carpet, and you’ll notice hair clumping up on a spot so you can collect easily. 

  1. Using a Fabric Softener 

Using a fabric softener is another effective way to prepare the carpet for cleaning it properly. But how will you apply a fabric softener? Let’s get right into it! 

  • Firstly, mix lukewarm water in a fabric softener in a ratio of 3:1. 
  • Shake the mixture vigorously by pouring it into a shower or an empty bottle. 
  • Spray this DIY remedy all over the carpet’s surface evenly. 
  • You’ll notice that the softener will loosen up the embedded hair from the deeper layers of carpet. 
  • It’s now time to vacuum that area and see all the scattered hair vanishing straightaway.

Make sure you buy a high-quality fabric softener that goes easy on your delicate carpets. 

  1. Trying a Carpet Rake 

If you’re a pet owner, you might have owned this gadget before. But wait, if you still haven’t bought a carpet rake, trust me; it’s the right time for getting your hands on it. 

From combing the carpet’s fibers to catching even the stubbornness or stickiest of pet’s hair, the carpet rake collects every bit of it. 

All you have to do is drag the brush gently over the carpet’s surface and try to rake up the maximum of the hair. Besides scrapping up your pet’s fur for cleaning purpose, you’re actually reviving and brushing the carpet. 

  1. Applying Baking Soda 

So, here’s a pure DIY method to extract pet hair strands from the carpet’s base that you can perform yourself at home. All you need is baking soda to get the job done –deodorize the fabric. 

Firstly, you have to sprinkle a light coating of baking soda to that part of the carpet where your pet stays mostly. Let it sit for quite a few minutes and vacuum it properly. 

Once you apply baking soda, the task of removing hair from the carpet becomes a doddle, yes. All because the hair becomes less sticky and stubborn –they lose their interactions with carpet’s fibers. 

  1. A Window Squeegee Goes Well Too!

Using a window squeegee to remove pets’ hair from the carpet is not more than a piece of cake. 

The only concern in doing so is finding a suitable squeegee. And which one is right, by the way? A rubber-edged blade fastened to a firm handle can get the job done most efficiently. 

You just have to drag the squeegee over the rug with the rubber side down. The hair will start cluttering up, so you can easily pick them or remove them through a vacuum. 

  1. Putting the Rubber Gloves On

So here’s another maneuver to tackle the pet hair and clean the carpet in a breeze. Wear the gloves and start rubbing off the carpet. 

After some time, you’ll find your hand covered with an immense amount of hair. If you have a Persian cat, the cat hair clings to the rubber material really well, making the gloves a relentless tool for combating embedded peltries. 

After collecting hair, immerse your gloves in a tank of hot water. The hair will automatically start floating away, and your glove is good to go for another shot.

  1. Using Rubber-Soled Shoes 

Here’s an alternative if you don’t have any rubberized stuff mentioned above, which is a powerful weapon for tackling dropped fur. 

Firstly, you have to grab the rubber bottom part of the shoe over the carpet. Wash them properly to clean the outsole. Once you wash your rubber shoes properly, you can walk indoors with your shoes on. 

The fur will clutter up under your feet when you walk around as a snow plough. Then, you have to suck the fur balls using a vacuum cleaner. 

  1. How about Using a Pet Hair Vacuum Cleaner? 

We’re not talking about general vacuum cleaners, but here’s something designed for pet hair explicitly. This may add some additional cost to your budget, but trust me, it’s worth eliminating the frustration you’re going to face while dealing with the pet hair. 

The vacuum cleaners that every pet owner should invest in are the most effective way to eliminate even traces of pet fur from carpets. At the same time, these cleaners aim to eliminate airborne dander and other allergens too. 

Some Other Tips and Tricks 

What if you’re routine is too tough and you can’t manage time out of your pet’s activities? You certainly don’t need to worry. You can also contact well-known carpet cleaning companies to get the job done. 

Dry powder cleaning and hot water extraction are professional treatments for rejuvenating rugs and carpets. These treatments aim at removing urine stains, smells from every strand of pet hair. 

With proficient techniques and experts, professional carpet cleaners are meant to restore your carpets’ natural look to a matchless extent. 

Especially, the DIY methods may work or may not give the desired results. The amount you’re going to invest in hiring professional’s services is not going to let you regret – it’s going to be worth every penny. 

The Bottom Line 

Pets are the dearest creatures that we don’t even think to betray them when they create a mess on our precious rugs and carpets. All you can do is clear up the mess once they are done doing it. 

We have enlisted some best practical and effective ways to remove even traces of hair embedded deeper in the carpets. 

All you have to do is try any one out, and if you’re not getting the desired results with any particular method, head on to the next one. 

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