Tips to Keep Your Laundry Room Clean

The Laundry room is a room often overlooked and not taken care of. The laundry keeps your clothes smelling clean and fresh and stores the cleaning supplies for the rest of the house. So, in theory, it should be the most organized room. 

It’s like the heart of the house, so you need to keep it coordinated and tidy.

Experts at GearOrigin offer recommend using hamper for wet towels and other laundry as you can close their lids. Because no one really wants to see dirty laundry lying around, and it doesn’t give a clean look.

In light of GearOrigin’s advice, here are some tips and tricks that will help make your laundry room appear cleaner and more organized. 

Important Tips to keep the Laundry Room Clean

Shelves: The More the Merrier

Firstly, install lots of shelves in the room, and you can even pick the ones that best suit your aesthetic, whether minimalistic, bohemian or even vintage. Shelves will help you keep your supplies away from any water that is bound to find its way on the floor. 

No one wants to walk into a sandy bubbly mess of a laundry room, so be wise and keep the cleaning supplies as far from the water as possible

Shelf Dividers: For Better Organization

Adding shelves can decrease a lot of clutter, but the shelves themselves should remain organized or else what’s the point? 

Shelf Dividers will allow you to dedicate a portion of a shelf to a specific kind of product. In no time, you’ll start to notice that since everything has a designated place, it’s easier to stay clean as you work.

Labeling the shelf dividers will make the process even more efficient. 

Mop: An Essential

It’s pretty common to end up with a flooded laundry room because of transferring wet clothes here and there; keeping a mop on hand can help you clean as you go, and you won’t have to spend an extra hour in the end just to dry up the room.

Cleaning as you work will make it more manageable and less annoying. Who even wants to deal with all that extra stress? Be smart and clean in small portions. 

Jars: For Efficiency and Aesthetics 

Brightly colored detergent or fabric softener bottles can ruin the aesthetic you are trying so hard to stick to. You can replace all those unsightly bottles and boxes with cute and elegant jars and glass bottles.

You can easily find glass jars that match your aesthetic at your local crockery shops, and they are very cost-effective too.

You can put the following supplies in labeled glass containers for decorative purposes too:

Detergent or Tide pods

Fabric Softener 

Stain Remover

Cloth pins (To add some warm tones to the room)

Another way to decorate the room is to take your paper towels out of the packaging and place them on the shelves to add a pop of white to brighten things up.

Sorted Laundry: Hassel-Free System

Sorting laundry just before putting it in the machine can throw in an extra hour or so of diligent work, and who wants all that extra strain?

By installing separate laundry hampers for separate categories, the whole family can help with reducing the workload. Try to use hampers instead of baskets as recommended by GearOrigin. This also helps to take care of the heaps of dirty clothes lying all around the room.

Categories for Sorting Laundry:

White Cotton

Colored Cotton

Jeans and other hard fiber clothes


Miscellaneous (Socks, ties, etc.)

Retractable Cloth line: An Unprecedented Hero

The embarrassment when guests suddenly come over, and you have your laundry spread out on every piece of furniture is something no one wants to go through.

An obvious answer to saving yourself from embarrassment would be to dry your clothes in the laundry room. But a small laundry room can easily become over-crowded and hard to maneuver around with a thousand strings blocking your path.

To save yourself from needing expert spy skills of avoiding death strings, do yourself a favor and invest in a retractable cloth line. 

A Retractable cloth line can be mounted anywhere in a matter of seconds and requires little space. Hence, it’s untroublesome and efficient. 

Lint Box: An Unexpected Need

When you take the residual lint out of the washing machine, where do you dispose of it? Do you throw it on the ground and just trust that the vacuum cleaner will eventually pick it up?

Lint rarely gets picked up by normal cleaning appliances, resulting in an accumulation of lint and dust in the laundry room.

Taking the lint out of the machine and simply putting it in a designated box is a trivial task, but it matters a lot in helping you keep your laundry room clean as a whistle. 

Wall Hooks: A Secret to Saving Space

Having a lot of boxes and containers on the ground can make your laundry room look crowded and claustrophobic. Consequently, it can lead to people tripping over stuff and getting injured too.

Installing a few wall hooks can help clear the ground of unnecessary Knicks and knacks and make your room look cleaner and more spacious. 

Wall hangings can store all kinds of stuff. For example:

Cleaning brushes

Grocery bags


Cleaning rags etc.

All these will make your room look tidier and more organized.

Deep Cleaning Your Laundry Room

You should deep clean your entire laundry room every few weeks or so. This includes the following:

Cleaning the Washing Machine

Add some vinegar along with distilled water into the detergent slot and let it run for a few minutes. Then rinse with plain water, and you’ll have a clean machine

Cleaning the Spider webs

Make sure to clean any spider webs in the corners of the room with the help of a long stick with a rag wrapped around it. Or you can also just use a long broom.

Cleaning the Floor

Remove everything from the room and then thoroughly scrub it. Pour disinfectant and then clean it again to make it more hygienic and germ-free.

Carpet cleaning

If you have a carpet in your laundry room, make sure to wash it with a carpet cleaner once every few months.

The Bottom Line

It’s hard to keep a laundry room clean because it just has so many components and huge washing machines and dryers. We understand how difficult it is to keep such a busy room clean. 

To conclude it all, use hampers for holding wet laundry and jars and bottles for cleaning supplies to make your laundry room spacious and organized. And make sure to start cleaning as you work, so there is less clutter. 

We hope you find these tips helpful and inspirational to start organizing the dreaded laundry room finally.

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Are you looking for tips to keep your laundry room clean for longer? Are you tired of seeing all that clutter and grime accumulated in a small room? This article will guide you on how to keep it clean as a whistle. 

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