Home Items to Consider Repairing Before Replacing

Now that winter is finally here, there’s no better day than today to start your winter cleaning and maintenance projects. No matter how well you take care of your possessions and home, everything is bound to deteriorate over time. Our home uses quite a few important items that require proper maintenance, proper installation, routine checks, servicing, replacement, and repairs of defective parts. All of these important steps ensure that your home equipment works at its maximum efficiency throughout its lifespan.

That being said, you don’t need to run out and purchase new equipment in case you find a scuff mark or a ripped seam. While planning the repair or replacement of items in your home, it’s important to consider their age and repair costs. This will enable you to better prioritize your to-do list and deal with the projects strategically.

Dealing with a Boiler Breakdown

No one wants to face boiler issues at the start of the year, and having a boiler breakdown in the cold season can be a worrying and stressful time. This is particularly true when you’re not sure if your boiler needs repair, or should be replaced altogether.

When your boiler stops working, your impulse might be to repair it — which may end up being more costly in the long run. Likewise, if you’re faced with a major problem with your boiler and you’re considering its replacement, this might not be essential. So how do you know whether replacing or repairing is the best option for your boiler? 

Consider Boiler Safety

If you have an outdated boiler, it may not meet the current guidelines and laws on boiler operation and safety. Your first step should be consulting a heating professional to ensure the boiler is safe to determine if it could be repaired securely. Once the boiler evaluation is done for its safe usage, you should consider the other factors that will determine whether your boiler should be replaced or repaired.

Is the Boiler Energy Efficient?

Even though the defect in your boiler can be fixed, the latest model may be considerably more energy efficient. It will quickly heat the rooms in your house and perform better in keeping you warm throughout the winter season. If you already have an energy-efficient boiler, just have it repaired by a heating professional from airxtremellc.com to get back into functioning order swiftly.

What are the Boiler Repair Costs?

For old boilers, the repair costs may increase significantly as the replacement parts are no longer easily available. Consider the possible costs of fixing your boiler and evaluate if replacing it could essentially be a more affordable solution. Boiler repair costs can vary based on the model and make of your boiler, its components, and the kind of defect in the equipment. As a rule of thumb, key boiler repairs, including heat exchange replacement, can cost more than £400. Smaller repairs like replacing a printed circuit board, gas valve or fan will typically cost approximately £150.

What is the Frequency of Breakdowns?

If your boiler is continuously breaking down, then having a boiler replacement with a more efficient model may be the best course of action. The cost of continuous repairs and maintenance can increase over time, specifically for outdated boilers. If you have a model that rarely faces any issues, then boiler repair is probably the better option.


You never realize how much you need a working boiler until it stops running! Once you’re sure your old boiler is deteriorating, consider the tips shared above to find the most effective solution. There are situations where your non-functioning boiler can be repaired quickly and easily, providing you with a warm home. However, sometimes replacing your old boiler with a new, competent model seems to be the best course of action.

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