Advantages of Stone Effect Tiles

When it comes to tiles two considerable kinds are alike to each other, naturals stone and ceramic. They both are made up of the same material almost, and both having a hard surface. Whilst natural stone likes look more beautiful and instantly add style to your home interiors. In the last few years, stone effect tiles become the most famous option to install in the home because of their beauty and durability. Let’s take a look into the benefits of stone effect tiles:

Benefits of Stone Effect tiles:

Stone effect tiles unite the lavish look of natural stone with the benefits of porcelain tiles. There are several benefits to be considered:

They are Durable; 

the durability of stone effect tiles is somehow less than the durability of porcelain tiles because marble can easily get scratch and marks. They have to be installed in those places which do not have any contact with heavy materials. Taking good care of them making long-lasting.

They Look Realistic; 

stone effect tiles look real. Advance printing methods give them look just like a natural stone you even cannot make a difference between real stone or stone effect tile. This advance printing method makes them beautiful as the real thing.

They are Easy to Maintain; 

maintenance of stone effect tiles is easy but not as easy if compared to porcelain tiles. Stone effect tiles require a very little amount of upkeep, just clean them regularly like you clean your other areas having tiles.

Polishing Them; 

polishing them after every six or eight months make them look fresh and clean. The shine on the surface will remain like it is newly installed.

They are Cost-Effective; 

stone effect tiles are cost-effective. Cost-effective in comparison to natural stones, also they give a natural and elegant look to your place. If you are having an idea to make up your floor with a natural stone look just go with the stone effect tiles.

Stone Ceramic Tiles:

The allure and stylish look of naturals stone give now can easily replace with stone ceramic tiles. Stone ceramic tiles make you’re interior to look good and elegant because of advance techniques of printing they just look like natural stone. Stone ceramic tiles having more advantages then stone tiles:


stone ceramic tiles are easy to maintain. Regular cleaning of them make them look new and fresh, mopping with small bristles and small fabric cloth can remove their dirt and also hot water spray make them clean. 

Do Not Allow Micro-Organisms to Grow in Them; 

stone ceramic tiles do not allow microscopic organisms to grow inside them so the danger of harmful diseases will be low.

They are Cost-Effective; 

stone ceramic tiles are budget-friendly, natural stones are a pricy thing to decorate your home floors with. At fewer prices, you can decorate your home floor and walls with a lavish look. These tiles look like natural stone tile advance printing methods give them beautiful prints to make them look classy.

Resistant to Water; 

stone ceramic tiles have resistant to water, they do not hold water inside them, so the danger of slippage becomes low. They can install in the kitchen and bathroom without the fear of slippage.

Colour Variations; 

colours make things versatile and give a good effect on the eyes. Stone ceramic tiles available in many different colours so you have a choice to make your decision and choose a colour according to your designed theme.

Scratch and Marks; 

stone ceramic tiles having a hard surface so the scratch and marks do not print on their surfaces even the dropping of heavy materials will not affect their surface.

Types of Stone Effect Tiles:

Few building material match with the beauty of the natural stone. Stone effect tiles having a match with it at a low price and easy maintenance. Stone effect tiles come in many types according to quality, colour, size. There are the types we are discussing:


marble flooring has been around since ancient times, they are prized for their classic elegance. Marble is famous for its classy look, soft grains patterns and elegant colour ranges from white, green, black, brown and red. Marbles are not easy to maintain, they are one of nature’s softer rock materials and prone to scratching and staining. They need to polish often to make their beauty constant. 

Polished marble is not the best choice to install in the kitchen and bathrooms because of its slippery surface the danger of slippage increase.


Travertine is a natural type of stone just like marble or granite placed in your home tiles and kitchen. Travertine develops in the specific type of mineral deposits by the precipitate of carbon minerals giving the unique type of limestone and striking appearance. 

Travertine is common for both flooring and backsplash, in nature it is not so hard. Travertine tiles are durable, if we take proper care of them they last long. It gives the elegant look to your home which increase your home’s value. Travertine is susceptible to scratches and cracks. It is the best material for backsplash in your kitchen and bathroom also it gives a natural and classing look to your bathroom. It is non-porous so water does not retain into it and that’s how microorganisms like harmful viruses and bacteria cannot survive inside it. Proper cleaning requires to make them look fresh for a long period, cleaning with hot water and mopping with detergents make them clean will increase their classic look lasting.


granite is an igneous rock formed by exposure to high temperature or heat. It is crystalline and hard. The particular mix of quartz, mica and feldspar minerals creates unique colours. Granite tiles available in a range of different colours and designs they are a good option to install in the floors of the kitchen and bathroom also can be installed in the backsplash of kitchens and bathroom. This stone tile can take your interior or exterior style to the next level. It delivers the classic look which increases the value of your home. You can choose as per your choice of any granite type tile which make your home elegant.You can also consider Granite pavers which are highly popular due to their durability and strength.

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