6 Clever Space-Saving Ideas

You may have one room or several rooms that are too small to put everything you need in them, such as a kitchen, bathroom and/or bedroom. If you have decluttered to the point you can declutter no more, then it may be time for you to look at more inventive ways to store things. This could mean needing more than cupboards or wardrobes. It could also mean utilizing space that is presently undisturbed, such as your ceiling, or properly utilized, such as your garage or loft. After all, this space is often left untouched as it is out of sight and very often, because of this, is out of mind. If you’re looking for clever ways to save space and your sanity in the process, read on, as this article’s for you.

1. Overhead Storage

Very often we look at how we can save space on our floors or walls. We may decide to have built in wardrobes without doors to save, for instance. But how many of you have thought about using your overhead space? Consider your garage. It is a place that not only is home to your vehicle, it is a place where you could also store other items – if you only had the room. If you need more space in your garage, consider an overhead garage storage lift rack to store items that you don’t want to store in your home, like hiking or fishing equipment. If you want to keep dangerous items away from young hands, then overhead storage would be an ideal place to store things like cleaning products, chemicals or dangerous tools. In the process of providing you with peace of mind it will also free up space in your garage.

2. Suspended Nightstands

If you have a bedroom that is a bit on the small size, with only just enough walking space around your bed and to get to your wardrobe, you need to look at space above ground. Of course, you can have shelves, but not to the point where they are consuming too many of your bedroom walls because that will only clutter your room and this is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. But you can have a suspended nightstand. This innovative nightstand is suspended by string that is hung from your ceiling, enabling easy access to items you may need whilst in bed, like a book, lamp or alarm clock. This means there’s no need for a bedside cabinet that might take up valuable floor space.

3. Hanging Lights

Aside from the usual light fitting in your ceiling, you may want to use other lighting to create a different mood or to generally relax in and avoid the brightness that your main light provides. Lamps often require something for them to be put on and uplighters, or standing lamps, take up floor space, so these may not be ideal choices for you if space is at a premium. However, you can use lights on a string to create a relaxing vibe. They come in a range of styles, colors and brightness. What’s more, is there is no restriction as to how many you can use. For instance, you may want to drape some over a bookcase in your front room. In your bedroom, you may want to drape them over your headboard and wardrobe to create an evenly distributed and relaxing light in your room. Alternatively, you can also use them to create extra brightness in rooms like your kitchen, where you can even use push lights that can be stuck under wall cabinets to provide light to work surfaces underneath them. By doing so, you avoid the need for traditional lighting that may take up valuable room. 

4. Vacuum Storage Space-Saving Bags

These are great items to store your clothes that can be repeatedly used. They can save you up to eighty percent of the space that your clothes would originally take. This means that you could free up enough wardrobe space for you to store other things in, perhaps even your shoes. However, aside from space-saving by vacuuming out the air, protecting your clothes from dirt, dust, bugs and damp, which is ideal when you’re not using certain items on a regular basis. These storage bags vary in size, so you’re bound to find a set that will meet your needs. Some of these space-saving bags even come with a travel pump so you can use them whilst on your travels meaning you can pack even more, which is great if you are staying away from home for a considerable period of time.

5. Shelves in Unexpected Places

We always tend to have shelves at heights we can reach as we want to be able to access what is on them. However, shelves can be placed anywhere on a wall and the higher they are, the less cluttered your wall will appear and the less small your room will feel. For instance, having a shelf between your curtain rail and the ceiling will create an ideal space for items that you do not want other people to easily access. Strategically placed shelves around your home will avoid the monotony of shelves being in the same place whilst also making each room look unique. Furthermore, they are out of the way meaning your room will look less cluttered. 

6. Repurpose Your Sink

We all have a kitchen sink, which we use at least three times a day, usually after meals. In twenty-four hours, most of us will use our sink for no more than an hour, meaning there are twenty-three hours when this space is redundant. Why not have a purpose built work surface that can go over the sink? This means you will gain extra space to do things without needing to pay for an extra unit or forgo having a table for another kitchen unit. This will undoubtedly be an investment as it will be something that you can repeatedly use.

When you run out of space, you need to look at your home with fresh eyes and from a different perspective. You need to consider your needs and how your home can meet them. Looking at empty space and how it can be utilized may make a difference between having extra storage without being cluttered or cluttering up existing space. Your home is your sanctuary, so making smart choices with the spaces you have, whether it’s your garage or home, will create a relaxing atmosphere that you will want to spend time in.