5 Tips for Replacing Your Interior Doors

Are you planning on replacing your interior doors? Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or prefer to have these upgrades handled by experts, several factors have to be considered to make your project easier. Here are five tips for replacing your interior doors.

Know The Type of Interior Door That Suits Your Space

There are various types of interior doors to choose from, and DoorsPlus.com.au offers an extensive collection of the most popular choices.  These range from solid timber and composite doors to aluminium styles and glazing choices, which help bring light to dark rooms without compromising privacy. Each type of interior door has its distinctive advantages, and depending on your goals, it is critical to make the right pick. Some of the factors to consider when contemplating the right door for your home are:

  • The size of your rooms and door frame
  • The installation process
  • The range of finishes available for each type of door

Choose The Right Style

The curb appeal of your home needs to be a priority when replacing your doors, as you do not want a mismatch in your interior design. Go for a door whose design, colour, and feel provides the perfect finish to a room and bring a general uniformity to your living space.  For example, pocket doors are often a better choice if you have a small space, while French doors work better with large rooms.

Know The Difference Between Prehung and Simple Doors

Typically, all types of interior doors come in two options, and these are:

  • Pre-hung doors: This is a ‘complete door,’ and it comes with a frame, hinges, and other hardware, ready for installation.
  • Simple doors: This door doesn’t come with extras such as a frame, hinges, or other hardware. You will have to install a door frame and attach the hardware before installing it.

If one of the signs that you need to replace your door is a faulty frame, then it is wise to opt for pre-hung doors. On the other hand, if your door frame is in good condition and you only need to replace the door, you should settle for simple doors.

Get Correct Measurements

It is vital to know how to measure your interior doors for a replacement to find a perfect fit for your door frame and the current location of your hinges. This will help avoid time-consuming problems such as uneven door frames, buying a bigger door that needs trimming, and re-drilling holes. A rule of thumb is to measure your interior doors at least two times before ordering a new door.

Have The Right Tools and Guidelines For DIY

Replacing internal doors is always a welcome DIY project, and if you opt to take this path, you will need proper tools and a comprehensive guide. Never rush to attempt these upgrades until you are confident you can follow all the door removal and replacement steps without causing a mess.


An efficient way of refreshing the look and feel of any room is by replacing your interior doors, and using these tips will make the process easier. 

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Khuwalid Khalid
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