Common Questions and Concerns About Skip Hiring

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Skip hiring can be a daunting task if you don’t know what you are doing. Many customers who are looking to hire a skip don’t know anything about the business. Therefore, we are writing this article to teach you the ropes of skip hiring, addressing all common questions and concerns related to it. 

The Go-to-Guide for Skip Hiring

Talk about “cubic yards” and “business skip” can be too much for a newbie skip hire to understand. As a result, people hire the wrong skip for their business or home. Go through this guide to understand everything about skip hiring before you book your skip. 

What types of waste can you put in a skip?

The easiest way to know what you can put in a skip is to understand what you can’t put in a skip. Here are all the things you shouldn’t throw in a skip. 

  1. Asbestos*
  2. Batteries
  3. Fluorescent tubes
  4. Biohazard products and chemical waste
  5. Tv screens and other electronic equipment
  6. Cans of pain 
  7. Heavy-duty electronics like freezer, fridge and ac unit
  8. Gas bottles or gas canisters
  9. Tyres*
  10. Oil*, petrol or anything flammable
  11. Plasterboard
  12. Water, alcohol or any other liquid

What size skip do I need?

Skip hiring companies don’t expect their new or return customers to know what size skip they need. Generally, skip size depends on the amount of wastage you have plus the available space on your property. You don’t want to hire a small skip and then pay additional charges for a new one. Therefore, it is best to let the professionals figure out what size skip you need. 

What’s a skip permit?

Sometimes, you don’t have a lawn or a drive to park their skip. In this situation, you will need a skip permit. A skip permit allows you to park your skip on the curbside. To attain this permit, you need to go to your local city council. However, skip hiring companies can arrange a permit for you at an additional cost. 

What’s a CPZ suspension?

CPZ stands for “Controlled Parking Zone.” These areas are where parking is allowed under certain conditions. Parking your skip in a CPZ requires a suspension, which has an additional cost. You skip hiring company can easily arrange a CPZ suspension for you. However, you need to see if there is enough space for a skip in your area before applying for any permit. 

Final Verdict

Whether you are expanding your home, revamping your garden, or your business has a large event, skip hiring services can help. However, you need to know the size of your skip and attain the required permits for parking a skip in a public space. The above-mentioned information is enough to get you started. The rest of the details about skip hiring will be filled in by your skip hiring company. 

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