Top interior designs, 2021

Interior design trends have been changing almost every year and having an up-to-date interior décor is one of the best feelings for a modern household. The interior design of any living space plays a significant role not only in the value and aesthetic of the house but also in the level of comfort and belongingness you feel. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend towards sustainable design elements and elegant aesthetics, both of which have created a sensational style that appeals to the taste of most. The following top interior design trends are most popular this year. If you are looking for interior design tips and want to be up-to-date in your design, do have a look at these trends.

1.      Warm colours

Colour scheme is perhaps the most significant aspect of a home’s interior design. It is also the place to start. The colour scheme of your rooms is a very significant determinant for the type of furniture and lighting you go for. Light colours are in fashion today. Colours depict emotions and such colours convey a feeling of calm. Warm colour schemes are the trend today but cooler shades like purple are equally appealing. You could choose either and create a stunning colour scheme. For instance, for your bedroom, you could go for cream bedspreads against a dull mustard wall. Or, you could opt for shades of blue and purple. Turquoise throw pillows against a grey or purple bed sheet would look equally stunning. It all depends on your taste, but warm colours are the current trend.

2.      Go for ocean hues

With earthy and cool colours like aqua, inky blue, or turquoise, you can create an aura of relaxing pool sides. While warm colours have their own appeal, such shades are associated with calm and peace. Whatever colour scheme you go for, remember that everything in that room should fit in and contribute to the overall aura. In inky blue bedrooms, everything from your bed covers and curtains, to your sofas and throw pillows, should depict the same colour scheme.

To add to the aesthetic of your room, you can include a range of designer pillows, pillow with picture, or other similar personalized pillows. Decorative pillows are a great way to add a touch of glamour to your bedroom. Custom pillows not only contribute to the overall aesthetic of the place, but also convey your personality and give it a homely touch. If you want some custom shaped pillows for your bedroom, AllAboutVibe is a great place to look for them.

3.  Curves, not straight lines

Curves are the style that is most appealing today because soft edges and smooth curves give an aura of comfort and casualness. The once trendy boxy décor and sharp edges have been replaced by elegantly curved wall décor, curved edges in furniture, and even curved walls. Puffy and curved sofa seats adorned in circular custom shaped pillows are the style to opt for today. If you want to add wall hangings, photo frames, mirror work, or pieces of art, it is best to go for soft curves instead of sharp edges.

4.      Introduce a combination of checks with horizontal and vertical stripes

The most appealing patterns that can be used for the interior design of any room are checks and strips. You can combine the classic check and stripe patterns in a range of appealing new-season colours to make a statement of your own. Creating a combination of various patterns gives your room the right balance and when topped off with embroidered throw pillows, you will have one very appealing theme. You can go for stripes and checks on the walls or introduce the patterns in your furniture, or bedspreads.

5.      Choose bold colours to reflect your personality

You can give your interior design theme an artistic finish by introducing bold colours like deep red or blue. You could use boldly coloured decoration pieces like laps or wall décor items. Introducing a vibrant colour against an otherwise muted colour palette is the perfect way to break away from a monotonous and neutral colour scheme. The way you combine your colours says a lot about your personality and this is one way to reflect a bold and daring personality.

6.      Bring elements of nature indoors

Who wouldn’t appreciate a naturally illuminated living space dotted with potted plants? You can add an element of greenery with either real or artificial. Top it off with natural wood for flooring, countertops, doors, cabinets, and mats, and you have a wonderful eco-friendly theme in your place. Adding stones like marble, granite, and pebble will top off this stunning look with finesse. Not only will this give your living space a pleasing aesthetic, but will also convey your eco-friendly approach.

7.      Flexible spaces

While interior spaces were once rigidly allocated to certain elements, like designated sitting areas, meeting rooms, dining areas, storage spaces, etc. such does not apply today. Flexible living spaces with multi-functional furniture are the trend today. This modern design lets you make the most of your space and utilize it efficiently. Especially in small homes, such flexibility allows for more spacious living arrangements. You can use beds with drawers, shelves that pull into table-tops, and seats that mold into desks. This way you can fulfill multiple requirements in minimum space.

8.      Use smart technology

Smart technology in modern-style homes is not only appealing but also practical. Smartphone controlled devices like ACs, Fans, and TVs are a great way of putting technology to good use in your home. These modern-day facilities are the key to comfortable living and also add value to your house.

If you are still looking for the right way of designing your new home, do consider these trends when making your decision. The way to design your house will play an important role in your lifestyle, comfort, aesthetics of your place, and what others think about you. The latest trends have been introduced by designers all around the world so you can easily find what you are looking for.

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