How Do You Lock A Door With A Rubber Band?


Are you in a hurry and need to lock your door? Does your door not have a lock, or did the lock break? No worries, we know some quick and easy DIY methods that allow you to securely lock your door.

One of our favorite methods involves using a rubber band to lock a door! The best part is that this is a very easy and straightforward method. It is also foolproof, so in case your lock is broken and you cannot get it fixed immediately, you can rely on this method to feel safe and lock your door in the meantime. 

Is DIY-Ing A Lock A Good Idea?

You may be debating if it’s a smart idea to DIY a lock. Well, a DIY method is not a long-term replacement for a proper lock. However, you can easily DIY a lock if there is an emergency. In case you break your lock, and the locksmith cannot come immediately, you can use a DIY method so that you are safe inside. You can also opt for DIY methods if you have recently moved into a new house and have yet to get locks installed. 

How Do You Lock A Door With A Rubber Band?

This is a pretty popular method since it only requires the use of a rubber band, and you are likely to have a rubber band lying around at home. 

You may not believe it, but all this method requires is to wrap a rubber band around the door lock. Simply take a rubber band and loop it around the doorknob until it makes an ‘X.’ When you put it over the doorknob, it will press the latch of your door open. 

This is also a great method to fix a slamming door. Some doors slam easily, and this can be a hazard, especially if you have young kids around. You can also do this to your slamming door when you are going in and out frequently.

The Fork Method

You can also lock your door using a fork! First, find an old fork that you will not feel bad about ruining. While this method works best with a metallic fork, you can even use a plastic one if need be. You will have to test out the fork. So shut the door and slip the fork into the door’s gap. In case the fork is too long, bend the prongs using a knife.

Next, break off the handle of the fork and stick it between the prongs. This will create a door lock that is secure and foolproof. In case the lock is a little loose, you can use a rubber band to hold it in place.

While this is a great quick method for broken locks, we would not recommend using it for your main door as this lock might break if great force is applied.

Jamming It Shut 

This is a method you have probably used before. You can jam your door shut by placing a wad of paper in the gap and then closing it.

This is obviously not a foolproof method, and the door can easily be opened with a push. But it’s a great way to temporarily shut a slamming door.

Other Steps To Take If Your Lock Breaks 

Imagine if your lock breaks at an inconvenient time. You cannot call the locksmith, and you do not have a spare lock at home. Here are a few steps you can take to stay safe:

  • Jam the door using one of the methods we have outlined above
  • Create a barricade on the door by using a heavy piece of furniture. A sofa seat or chair will be a great option since it will be easy to place and remove. 
  • You could even choose to dismantle the entire door lock and then place a barricade.
  • If you have door stoppers or jammers lying around, you can put them on top of the door, and they function as locks.
  • If you have a portable travel lock lying around, use that! But make sure it is sturdy enough.
  • If your main door lock breaks, it can be good to anchor the doorknob using ropes and chains.

Final Thoughts 

It’s important to lock your main door for your and your family’s safety. But in case an accident occurs and the lock breaks at an inconvenient time, you can always use a makeshift lock. 

Whether it is the rubber band method, the fork method, or creating a barricade, do whatever you need to ensure your safety.

However, make sure you call your locksmith and get your door fixed ASAP as well. While all of the methods we have discussed are great, they are not long-term solutions!