8 Outdoor Gazebo Wedding Decorations Idea

Outdoor gazebo weddings are becoming popular in recent times, especially in summer when the heat can be unbearable indoors. Having a wedding in your garden is more comfortable; you will enjoy your garden view as well as a cool gentle breeze. If you are planning a garden wedding, here are eight outdoor gazebo wedding decoration ideas. Go through all of them and put the most recent decoration ideas on your outdoor gazebo tent to make your wedding memorable.

Outdoor Gazebo Wedding Decoration Ideas

Use Pillars

An excellent outdoor gazebo decoration idea is to use pillars to decorate the gazebo entrance. Placing pillars at your gazebo entrance can make the structure look elegant for the wedding. It is an easy way you can decorate your gazebo for a wedding occasion. You can rent pillars and use them to decorate the gazebo entrance by placing one pillar on each gazebo side. You can also decorate the gazebo walkway with pillars to create a grand wedding entrance. It is advisable to use a pillar colour that matches the gazebo to make it blend well. You can also place some flowers on each of the pillars for an attractive look.

Hang Baskets

Hanging baskets with flowers are ideal for outdoor gazebo wedding decorations.  Flowers add colour to the occasion and makes the outdoor wedding more lively for your guest. To create a focal point for your guest, you can decorate the gazebo for a wedding by placing flowers in small baskets and hang them on the gazebo pillars. Ensure you use flowers with bright and beautiful colours for a more attractive look.

Use Fabrics

Using fabric to beautify the gazebos is another outdoor wedding gazebo decoration idea. Gazebo owners can use white flowy fabric as drapings to beautify the gazebo for the wedding. You can use the fabric to drape each of the gazebo sides to cover any imperfections. You can also use the fabric as drapes to cover the gazebo ceiling. Fabric drapes will make the ceiling beautiful for your wedding. The altar, cake table, chairs and tables shouldn’t be left out; you can use them to cover them for a more beautiful look.


Garlands are wreaths of flowers and leaves you can use in decorating a gazebo. It is an inexpensive outdoor wedding decorations idea you can use to make your gazebo look beautiful for a wedding.  You can use it to decorate your outdoor gazebo by encircling around the gazebo railings. Gazebo owners can also attach the garlands to the gazebo pillars, columns and also on the gazebo entrance.

Use Led Candles

Another outdoor gazebo wedding decoration idea is by using led candles to create a beautiful land romantic look. Gazebo owners can place the candles on the dining tables for the guests. They can also place the candles on the walkway for a more attractive look.


Attaching ribbons to the gazebo structure is an easy way you can decorate the gazebo for a wedding. You can make a ribbon bow and attach it to the gazebo post; you can also curl the ribbons for a more attractive look. There are varieties of ribbon colour and sizes, you can use any colour that will suit your wedding theme.


Balloons are great for beautifying your outdoor wedding gazebo. You can use the balloons to decorate the gazebo by pumping air into it and tie them around the gazebo pillars. Gazebo owners can also create a balloon wall to serve as a backdrop where your guest can take lovely pictures. You can also create an arch with the balloons at the doorpost or entrance of your outdoor gazebo.

Flower Bouquets

Placing flower bouquets in your gazebo is an attractive way to decorate your outdoor gazebo for a wedding.  You can use the flower bouquets to decorate the gazebo by attaching them to the gazebo pillars. You can also use it to beautify the gazebo by placing the bouquets on the tables. Gazebo owners can also use the flower bouquets to beautify the walkway to the altar by arranging the flowers neatly on each side.


Eight outdoor gazebo wedding decorations ideas you can implement to make your gazebo beautiful is by using garlands and fabrics. You can also hang baskets on the gazebo pillars, use led candles, ribbons, balloons, lights, and flower bouquets.

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