How Much Does The Most Affordable Walk-In Tubs Cost?

Everyone deserves the chance to get into a warm, bubbly bath at the end of the day. The truth of the matter is many people cannot safely get into a bathtub due to limited mobility. If you are struggling to climb into and out of a bath, the pain relief and relaxation that comes with soaking in a tub may seem like a luxury you may never get again. However, getting a tub that you can easily walk into can solve your soaking dilemmas. 

If you are thinking about making the switch to a walk-in tub, the price might be a factor or consideration. While some tubs could cost up to $10,000 you can find some at a reasonable price. Before choosing your tub, check out an overview of walk in tub cost, to help you understand the breakdown of tub costs.  Finding the right walk-in tub for your needs requires understanding what you want your walk-in tub to do. 

Why Choose a Walk-In Tub

There are a lot of reasons to switch to a walk-in tub. Walk-in tubs make taking a bath easier, especially for those with limited mobility. These tubs provide a safer and more therapeutic option for bathing. These tubs don’t require the crawling around that a regular bathtub does. There are numerous health benefits that come with a walk-in tub. 


The design of a walk-in tub makes it safer for anyone who struggles to get into or out of a regular tub. It also provides a safer option than a shower, since you can remain sitting during the bath. This is important if you worry about slips and falls in the shower. Most of these walk-in tubs come with other safety options, including safety grab bars, anti-slip grip flooring, built-in seating, and anti-scald valves. 


Besides safety options, there are other health benefits that come from using a walk-in tub. The therapeutic features available in the walk-in tubs can help reduce inflammation in your joints and relieve pain and stiffness. If you suffer from arthritis, diabetes, or fibromyalgia, this pain relief can make a big difference. The therapeutic features, such as water and massaging jets can relieve your muscle aches. It can also improve your circulatory system, which will improve your overall health and mobility. 


The comfort of a walk-in tub is unmatched. The ability to remain seated while jets massage and clean you will provide the ability to relax in a way you haven’t experienced before. The low-entry makes it easy to climb into and out of the tub. The higher tub walls make it easy to wash and soak your upper body in a comfortable sitting position. The days of awkwardly crunching into a regular bathtub are long behind you. 

What Does a Walk-In Tub Offer

Beside the safety and simplicity of being able to walk directly into the tub and remain seated while being completely immersed in water, a walk-in tub can provide a lot of added features. These features will provide you with more than just a safe way to bathe. 


Hydrotherapy is the use of water for pain management and rehabilitation. Most walk-in tubs have the option to include water and air jets that can gently massage your joints and muscles to provide added relief. 

Bath/Shower Combo

Most walk-in tubs have the option of being a bath or a shower. No matter what you want to use at the time, the added safety of being able to remain seated will limit your chances for a slip or a fall. 


Some tubs come with a bidet option to make maintaining your personal hygiene easier than ever. You can use the bidet to clean the harder to reach areas of your body. 

Fast-draining Technology

Some tubs offer technology that can drain your tub quickly, saving you time from having to sit and wait in the tub for it to drain. 

Self-Cleaning Tub

Cleaning any tub can be a hassle, but with some walk-in tubs, that chore is no longer a concern. Some options include a self-cleaner which uses the jets to clean the tub, making it more hygienic for its user. 

Downsides to Walk-In Tubs 

A walk-in tub has some obvious cons to it. The price tag can seem to be a bit much for some but finding the right tub that fits your budget is possible. Medicaid offers some assistance programs for the cost of a walk-in tub for certain states. If you feel like a walk-in tub can help, it is always a good idea to check around and see if you can get assistance with the cost.

Walk-in tubs, because of their high walls, require more water usage. This can be problematic if the water heater in your house cannot handle the amount of water required to fill the tub. A walk-in tub can hold anywhere between 50-80 gallons of water, so make sure your water heater can handle that amount. 

Walk-in tubs also require specific installation, which could be costly. Installing the tub might also include updating electricity or plumbing to make your tub operational. These installation costs could add up. For a review of the pros and cons of purchasing a walk-in tub, check out this website.  

While the price of a walk-in tub might feel like a lot, the benefits of it are worth the cost. To get the same luxuries, you could spend hundreds a month on spa treatments, hydrotherapy, and pain relief. When compared to what you would be saving by having an in-home option, a walk-in tub is a great investment. When you consider the added benefit of a safer bathing situation, a walk-in tub is an ideal solution for your hygiene needs. 

Walk-in tubs are a great option for anyone who struggles with mobility, has chronic joint and muscle pain, or athletes that require hydrotherapy as part of their recovery process. It is important for overall health and can increase mobility and enhance relaxation. A walk-in tub provides the opportunity for everyone to bathe in a relaxing, comfortable way.

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