Treating Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Having alcohol or drug dependency is not an uncommon thing. A lot of people are struggling with different forms of drug and alcohol addiction. Some also have mental health issues as well, though. It’s not uncommon for someone with a certain addiction to have underlying mental health problems as either a symptom or cause of their substance abuse. a person with significant anxiety or psychosis may need to be medicated in order for therapy to have any effect. Specifically for people who have opioid addiction, doctors recommend you to take in consideration suboxone online which would help your addiction recovery.

The idea of treating alcoholism and drug addiction alongside mental health issues has been around for a long time. It is often referred to as “dual diagnosis” or “co-occurring disorders.” This method of treatment can be beneficial because the two illnesses are so intertwined, it’s difficult to treat one without also addressing the other. Here are a few things to know about the process:

Different types of treatment, including evidence-based approaches

There are many different types of treatment depending on your specific conditions and their severity. If you have alcoholism, for example, and depression or bipolar disorder as well, your treatment plan may look very different than that of someone who only has addiction issues. You might receive therapy but not medication if the mental health issue was either short-lived or mild enough to be treated without drugs. Or vice versa: a person with significant anxiety or psychosis may need to be medicated in order for therapy to have any effect. Specifically for people who have opioid addiction, doctors recommend you to take in consideration suboxone online which would help your addiction recovery.

A combination of detox, rehab, and outpatient treatment programs

There are many different levels of addiction care. The more severe your substance abuse issues are the more likely you will require either inpatient or residential care at a drug rehabilitation facility in Nashua, NH. These can range from luxury centers that provide fine dining and other amenities to basic treatment centers that are more like a hospital.

Depending on your specific symptoms, you might also need some sort of medical detox in order to prevent withdrawal symptoms from being severe and/or dangerous. This is especially true if you have been using drugs for an extended period of time or used them frequently before seeking help.

How to find a reputable program near you

There are many programs out there like Ashley Treatment Center that specialize in treating co-occurring disorders. Because of the intricacies involved with combining mental health and addiction treatment, it’s important to find a reputable organization that can provide you with a customized plan for your specific needs. It is not always easy to tell which programs are going to be effective but here are some things to consider:

  • What accreditations does the center have?
  • What types of treatment do they provide?
  • What is their success rate compared to other programs in their area?
  • Does the program offer continuing care and support after completion, or will you be expected to start from scratch with a new facility if your symptoms change over time?
  • How much does it cost and does the program fit your lifestyle?

All about the recovery process following addiction treatment, which includes therapy and other options.

Following treatment, the recovery process can go in many different directions. Many people are able to maintain their sobriety through self-help options like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous support groups, but these aren’t right for everyone. Some may seek further treatment including traditional therapy with a licensed counselor who specializes in addiction issues, while others find it more helpful to participate in group therapy or talk sessions. Check Abbey Care Foundation for more information

The path to wellness is unique for every individual and the more you learn about what might work best for your specific needs, the better chance you have at achieving long-term success in recovery.

Even if self-help methods are enough to maintain sobriety, it can be helpful to discuss addiction issues with a therapist or counselor who specializes in them. If group therapy is more effective, find one that suits your needs and preferences. The path to wellness will be unique for every individual but by doing research on all of your options beforehand, you can make the journey as smooth as possible!

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