Beautifying your outdoor space

So, you finally have a house of your own. You have even put a good amount of your money into its architecture and interior design so you can impress your family and friends. But no matter how beautiful your house is, no one will be impressed by it if you have an ugly outdoor space. 

That is why you need to put some effort into your outdoor space too. When properly decorated, even simple downlights can make a difference. So, to help you renovate and beautify your outdoor space, here are some ideas you should read and apply.

Get Your Lawn into Shape

If you think your lawn looks depressing or inconsistent, there are two things you can do about it. You can either get your hands dirty or buy artificial grass.

Artificial grass is used typically in sports arenas but, the synthetic grass blade is becoming popular for residential homes. A good reason is that it requires low maintenance. You still have to remove thrash like leaves or branches though. But, as you may have guessed, artificial grass can be expensive. 

If you want natural grass, there are a few things you need to do. First, check your soil. You can buy soil testing kits in garden centers or online. This will tell you what nutrients your soil needs for your grass to grow properly. Second, when you know what nutrients are missing, buy the right fertilizer for your soil. It would be best to add fertilizer when it’s the start of the growing season. Fourth, when spring comes, make sure you overseed, so any patches that took heavy in winter can grow.

Once you have put all your seeds on your lawn, water it twice a day. Lastly, let your grass grow. Three inches of grass should be enough for your soil to be moist.

Plan Where to Plant Your Plants

Planting plants is always a good idea. But plan first on where you should plant your plants, or else it’ll look messy. For example, if you have a flower garden, ensure it gets good sunlight. Also, plant different flowers. For a coordinated and harmonious effect, plant them in repeated patterns. You don’t need to plant expensive flowers. Cheap ones like perennials can still be beautiful.

Create a seating area

It’s always nice to have a seating area in your backyard. You can sit and read a book while you are sipping tea. Or, have a backyard party with your friends in the summer. If you want something simple, creative, yet low maintenance, you can buy a tile or a wood and iron bench. You can also put a table if you still have enough space. Then, add some greenery around, like putting some potted plants. 

Put Some Garden Ornaments

Ornaments can give more aesthetics to your landscape all year round. Below are some you can get for your outdoor space.

Lights – Lights can bring character to your outdoor space. Whether you have downlights on your porch or lantern lights for your pathway, you can’t deny the warm atmosphere they provide, especially in the evening.

A Garden Fountain – Fountains can bring a calming effect to your space. Listening to flowing water can de-stress your mind from a hard day’s work. But you will need to plan carefully on where to put it.

A Birdbath – Birdbaths are a nice feature to put below trees. Plus, it can be fun to watch the birds clean themselves.


A beautiful house will always grab people’s attention. But, if you have an ugly outdoor space, no one’s going to notice it. That is why it would be best to follow the tips above. So you can beautify your outdoor space and let people know that you can do landscape art too. 

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