Writeable Tapes


Without causing any effect of fading, smudging or blurring, a tape with writable backing allows you to write easily. That’s why they are convenient for several uses and fulfil all labelling purposes. Besides these, the bundles of these writable tapes come without skinny coating on the non-sticky side and are so-called writeable tapes. The interesting feature about these tapes is that they don’t require heat or water to stick on the surface and fulfil all the needs of labelling in daily life. 

Detailed Description of Writeable Tapes: 

To start, these writable labelling tapes are generally designed from simple coloured paper in touch to special resin adhesive. The resin adhesive resists the moisture of the variety of tapes that are available on our online store. They are manufactured with the ability to withstand steam autoclaving cycle and gamma irradiation and resist most solvents. 

Before pasting them oven any surface, make sure that you clean the surface properly with a piece of cloth. Adheres to any clean surface and can be removed easily without causing any sticky effect. These labelling tapes allow you to write from almost all types of pens, ballpoints and many more. According to the results of our testing, the writing or marking remains legible under the temperature of -80 to 140°C. 

Features and other details: 

  1. Manufactured with 100% original paper. 
  2. Easy tear apart with hands. It means that you don’t need any special tool to cut these tapes. 
  3. These tapes come without a skinny coating. That’s why there will be no sticky effect after removing them.
  4. We are offering different effects of these tapes, in printing or non-printing form. 
  5. Our huge variety of labelling tapes is completely waterproof and heat resistant. 
  6. Available in three colour options of white, black and yellow.

Materials of Writeable Tapes:

Pressingly, there’s no doubt in the fact that we are offering a wide range of writable tapes in different designs, materials and colours.  If you want to buy labelling tapes wholesale, then we welcome you to browse our online store of writable tape. The materials that we used in the making of these handy items are: 

  • Bopp.
  • Polyester.
  • Kraft paper.

Uses of Writeable Tapes: 

  1.  tapes are mainly designed for temporary use in several applications. 
  2. The manufacturing of these tapes makes them ideal for labelling different cords and many more. 
  3. You can use them for labelling containers, audio channels, equipment. 
  4. Suitable for labelling kitchen boxes. 
  5. Other applications of these tapes are masking, carton sealing or bag sealing.

 Why you choose us: 

We are working in a wholesale market place and for learning more details, you must browse Alibaba Blog. In the world of online marketing, our reliable and friendly customer services are waiting for you. We are dealing with affordable, durable and waterproof tapes to meet all your requirements. 

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Jhanzaib Akhter
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