4 Profitable Home Improvements Before Selling Your House

Gearing up to sell your house? Don’t forget to make these home improvements so you’re able to make the most out of your paycheck when the time comes!  


Unsurprisingly, cashing out some money into some repairs and improvements will definitely help your home become more attractive to the buyer, as Zillow’s Consumer Report states that nearly 25% of sellers who do so are able to sell their home at a much higher price than what they listed. This is a big margin compared to 16% of sellers who did not spend on home staging but were still able to sell their house above list price. 

Essentially, if you want to increase the chances of you ensuring a bigger price tag at closing time without having to spend thousands with a contractor, follow these tips we’ve compiled for you!

Tip: Listed by StyleofHomes, here are some renovations to make the most of if you desire to sell a home for a higher price.

Landscaping and Fixing Your Yard

Instinctively, the outside of your house will really be the buyer’s first impression of your house, and so, you have to do your best in keeping the external portion of your house clean and well-maintained. Overgrown yards full of weeds or dead plants must immediately be removed because of course, they’re a major turn-off! 

Aside from making sure your lawn is refreshed and everything’s trimmed perfectly, double check your fence and gutters and see to it that they are also in great condition. Reinforce any drooping gutters and replace deformed fences which may be unpleasing to the eyes of a potential buyer. 

Painting and Cleaning Your Walls 

Numerous experts in real estate have repeatedly suggested that repainting your summer houses before putting it up in the market is the most practical strategy to entice buyers, as it is the least expensive to do but at the same time has the highest rate of return. 

If you’re looking for a safe and neutral color to give your home a facelift, shades of blue and gray have been what’s really attracting buyers in recent years. Zillow actually analyzed over 32,000 sold homes and discovered that houses with rooms painted in these colors were the ones sold way above expected price, raising the value of a home by more than $1,000. 

Renewing Floor Finishes and Getting Rid of Old Carpets

This one actually depends on your budget, but either way, you must invest in new flooring. If you have a bigger budget to spend, we’d recommend you to use wood floors or faux-wood floors as these are much preferable than carpeting in the perspective of the buyer. 

However, if you can’t afford to do so, still make sure to change your flooring into new carpets, as this is still a major selling point. Similar to painting your rooms, make sure to choose neutral colors as well! 

Upgrade Lighting and Fixtures

This is a very simple update and a small investment that comes a long way in selling your house because your lighting is responsible for setting the tone and mood of your house’s interior. When looking for options such as pendant lights and ceiling fixtures, our tip is to keep your colors consistent all throughout your home’s furniture and hardware. 

Additionally, make sure you swap the aged light bulbs out and consider replacing them with new energy-efficient ones because being green and sustainable are sought-after by buyers nowadays. If you are on a wider budget, you may also consider adding lamps and fixtures which may complement your interior and bring the best out of its appearance such as accent lights, cabinet lights, bedside lamps, and the like. 

Generally, there is no one size fits all answer to accentuating your house that will yield the most substantial returns in profit, as every lot in every neighborhood and state is distinct. However, you can still follow the general room of thumb set by home stagers which states that for every $1 put into a summer house, this would be able to yield at the bare minimum, an additional $1.50 increase during closing. 

To give an example you’ll be able to easily understand, you renovate your kitchen for $5,000, then this would result to an increase in home price of $8,550, or more. The improvement can instantly raise your chases to sell your house for cash or get a very profitable deal quicker.

The best thing about our low-cost home improvements and upgrades is that they immediately raise the value of your house because they can instantly change the buyer’s perception of your home at a single glance. 

More importantly, none of them will fill a hole in your pockets as they are more budget-friendly when compared to making complete renovations or hiring a professional contractor. 

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