What Causes Clogged Drains?

Blocked drains happen due to many reasons. Many clogged drains get blocked because of dirt, hair, and soap, but other factors have come about recently. 

Blocked pipes may begin as a small issue but can escalate into a significant concern with time. Blocked drains cause corrosion, flooding, and slow water drainage. The first step in preventing clogged pipes is to know their causes, and below, we discuss some. 

Let us dove right into why your drains might become blocked

  • Soap

Most people wonder how soap causes pipe clogging. Traditional bar soaps are made using fat or grease that forms a hard residue after mixing with the water minerals. This hard residue clogs pipes and stains the bath fittings. 

It is advisable to avoid soap washes and clean your pipes using pressure to eliminate the soap buildup. 

  • Food Waste

Food waste should not find a way to your drain, yet you have a sink at your disposal. Instead, homeowners should set up a compost pile to eliminate the food waste to avoid clogging. This move is essential for tea leaves waste and others. 

You should be cautious of foods that entail oil or grease since they block pipes by solidifying in the pipes. 

  • Mineral Buildup

Hard water has dissolved minerals that create insoluble masses after building up for a long time, blocking your popes easily. The main solution is installing a water softener if your area only has hard water. 

Mineral accumulation clogs are hard to remove after forming, meaning you should call your plumber suppose the water stops flowing. 

  • Tiny Objects

Tiny objects can get into your plumbing system and cause significant damage. You should only allow water, human waste, and toilet paper to go down your drain to prevent clogging. All other objects should be disposed of correctly or recycled.

You will need professional help suppose a foreign matter gets into your plumbing system. 

  • Hair

Hair is a significant cause of pipe clogging, especially after mixing with sticky substances like grease. The best way to avoid hair blockages is by ensuring they do not occur in the first place. Ensure all drains have a guard to trap hair and other sticky substances. 

  • Too Much Toilet Paper

Your pipes and drains will clog if you use too much toilet paper. Homeowners can dissolve the toilet paper using a plunger if water still goes through after flushing. 

However, you must call a plumber suppose the toilet fills without draining. 

  • Tree Roots

Tree root growth happens after small leaks occur in the underground pipes. The roots become big quickly after getting into your pipes, causing pipe damage. Removing the tree roots from pipes is hard, and it needs professional service. 

It will help to review your tree’s root structure and monitor the drain condition to shun a costly repair.

Final Thoughts 

Clogged pipes are common in many homesteads. Clogging is caused by dirt, dust, among others. The above article has discussed the main causes of pipe clogging. 

Humna Chaudhary
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