Chainsaw Mill—What you Should Know

A chainsaw mill Australia is a machine that will help to cut the larger logs into pieces that are smaller and more manageable.  This machine will save you time and fuel by using it instead of taking the logs to a sawmill.  It can be used for a variety of reasons.  You can use it to process logs to get them ready for the production of furniture and with some types of wood, you can cut logs to make firewood. 

Although they can be used for a variety of reasons, the primary one is to cut logs into slabs.  Do not confuse them with a bandsaw although they are similar.  They both use an axle that has circular saw blades mounted on it to cut the wood, which is along the grain.  The biggest difference is that with the best chainsaw mill, they do not use a continuous loop of cutting the material.  They use small pieces of metal that are referred to as ‘teeth.’  These act like knives to quickly slice through the logs while they rotate around an axis.

These chainsaw mills are used by logging operations to produce lumber from unseasoned, or green, logs that are too big to be handled by other equipment.  There are two basic types of these types of mills.  One is powered by an electric motor and the other by gasoline engines.  

Why are they useful?

  • They are useful simply because they can cut logs into boards quicker than if they were cut by hand.  This saves money and time.  
  • They can also cut wood in places that might be impossible, dangerous, or difficult for others to collect firewood if they used traditional measures.
  • Without this piece of machinery in many logging operations, there would be big losses of useable lumber that cannot be sawn into boards by other methods or cut manually.
  • The chainsaw mills have the speed, versatility, and endurance that is necessary to increase dramatically the pace of the logging work.  They have been used as a primary tool when cutting down large areas of trees that are suited to harvest for several days at a time.
  • They cut logs into boards quicker than if a knife was used to do it manually or processed by hand.

Make sure that before you purchase a chainsaw mill Australia, you know what you need it for.  This way you will make sure that you get the right size mill for your project.  The size many times depend on the size of the logs, how many boards you are cutting, and the diameter of the saw blade.


The best chainsaw mill will ensure that you are getting your logs cut and done within a reasonable time limit.  Figure out what you need it for before you make your purchase.  Check several of them out online before you make the final decision.  They are dangerous machines so make sure that you know how to use them properly and safely.  Having one will make your job of sawing logs easier and faster.