Natural Solid Wood Flooring

Whenever it comes to purchasing furniture and accessories, the notion is both exciting and perplexing. There are numerous patterns, textures, and comfortability to pick between. Natural Solid wood furnishings has always had the advantage in India since it is traditionally regarded as strong and durable.

Natural hardwood or timber from dead trees is referred to as real hardwood. Essentially, the wood is made from trees that have been drastically cut to produce new furnishings.

In addition, India has a sizable market for solid wood furnishings. Manufacturers employ massive wooden slabs to make certain forms, and most handmade antique patterns with arcs, curlicues, and arches are made of real hardwood.

Benefits of Natural Solid Wood Flooring

  1. Wood is a genuinely eco-friendly substance, and its natural features are best expressed in the formation of a pleasant microclimate in the space.
  2. Natural Solid wood is a timeless furniture material that is simple to work with and create.
  3. Individual varieties of wood come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of characteristics.
  4. Sunlight damage can be repaired by simply scrubbing and polishing the area.
  5. It’s very simple to take care of furnishings from a variety. As a result, purchasing wooden furniture is a very sound decision.

Drawbacks of Natural Solid Wood Flooring

  1. In the longterm, natural solid wood is vulnerable to pest infestation.
  2. Regardless of the type of wood used, the furnishings might be quite costly.
  3. Natural wood can be harmed by dampness and climatic factors such as humidity.
  4. It is not an eco – friendly way as  trees are always cut down to obtain solid timber.

In India, what are the many varieties of solid wood?

  • Indian rosewood, sal wood, Teak wood, rubber wood, and satinwood are just a few of the common forms of real hardwood available in India.
  • As time passed, the rising expense of Natural solid wood furniture and forestry degradation prompted innovative thinking.
  • Several furniture producers also use resources from local plants such as jackfruit and mango trees, and some others.

Installation system

There are an another few restrictions on where real wood flooring can be laid. Because it should be hammered straight into the subfloor, this sort of flooring is not available for most basements.

A good quality Hardwood Floors can assist by laying down a proper flooring, but this will result in a more costly operation. However, if properly maintained, it can live up to a 10 decades once installed.  

It will need to be sanded and refinished every several years to preserve its longevity. Based on how busy the area where it was erected is, it could be earlier. Our team is available to assist you with everything.

Buyers Guide

If you want to create a truly one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind, and multipurpose architecture inside your own home, you might think about getting furniture made of genuine natural wood. If you’re looking for a variety of wood panels from Australia’s leading brands, buy furniture online Australia.

Natural Solid wood furniture, according to some, eliminates any issues that may develop during the functioning of items manufactured of other commonly used materials. However, there are benefits and drawbacks to so furnishings. 

The expense of wooden furniture is determined by the type of hardwood used and the grade of the processing of materials. When purchasing wood furniture, though, the money being spent will almost likely not be squandered.


In the long term, genuine hardwood flooring will be more durable. The upkeep is so simple that even if it requires a touch-up before moving in, new residents will be charmed to its beauty. When it comes to flooring options for the home, this flooring option brings life to sitting and family areas. The installation method is so simple that based on the scale of the space, it may be completed in a single day.

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