Health Impacts of Termites on Humans

All about the effects of anti-termite treatment on the health of occupants. 

Treating termites is essential for preserving the longevity and safety of a home while avoiding any irreversible damage. There are a multitude of treatment choices and anti-termite products available now, including bait treatments. Be advised that to avoid any danger to the health of the occupants of a dwelling, we recommend using ecological treatments.

Ecologically-friendly treatments against termites are harmless to humans and respect the environment. Florida termite control consequently offers treatments using green label products that are environmentally friendly and safe for the occupants of the house.

Outside of your home, termites in your yard can undermine the health of your trees by feeding on their roots.

Are termites bad for health?

They do not sting or bite humans, so they are not considered direct carriers of diseases, nor are they known to cause any type of allergy. However, there have been buildings and other structures that have collapsed due to these destructive insects, sometimes seriously injuring the people inside.

Control termites

In the initial stages of termite infestation, detection and extermination can be effected by home remedies or household cleaning chemicals.

For moderate and critical situations, however, professional extermination services focused on the control and elimination of pests such as termites are required.

The danger of termites in front of humans

Termites are not a directly dangerous problem for people, though attracting this type of pest can generate a harmful environment. They tend to cause dangerous surroundings by causing damage to all wooden articles in the home, especially those that contain high levels of cellulose.

These pests can damage wooden supports, furniture, books, and so forth, fomenting dangerous situations and generating high costs for the repair and replacement of wooden items.

Spot termite treatment and prevention

  • Exterior sanitation: The accumulation of wood around a dwelling tends to attract a lot of termites, since they are exposed to open air and usually make their habitat in wood. By their nature, termites will go in search of dark places within the house. To avoid attracting them in the first place, clear everything composed of wood (e.g., outdoor furniture, firewood, and yard cuttings.)
  • Cover the cracks in the house: cracks must be sealed externally and internally to prevent an infestation, as those are the easiests means for termites to enter the house and wreak havoc.
  • Place the furniture correctly: it is important that any type of furniture that is made of wood is placed two or three inches from the wall. Pressing it flush against the wall, whether concrete or wood, creates a perfect path for termites to move into and lodge within wooden furniture.

Health hazards

Termites, regardless of their type, survive and reproduce in humid and hot environments in urban and rural areas. Once a place is infested by termites, you need to contact the best termite companies in Miami.

This type of insect transports various bacteria and microbes, generating all kinds of diseases and allergies when they attack wood products and coatings. They are usually dangerous to the point of affecting the physical integrity of where they attack.

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