Why You Need A Self Storage In Calgary For Winter

For some homeowners, the idea of renting a storage unit arises when moving out or during a renovation project. However, self-storage is also worth considering during the winter. A self-storage unit can provide several benefits if you live in an area that endures harsh cold during the winter, such as Calgary. Storing some of your belongings during the winter can be helpful. 

If you’re eager to store several items in a secure and safe area, consider a self-storage unit. Here are some of the reasons why you need one during the winter. 

  • Dry And Clean Storage  

One of the main perks of getting a self-storage unit during winter is having a clean and dry space to store your belongings. If you’ve been storing items in the garage, garden shed, or under plastic covers during the winter, they’ll likely to deteriorate over time. Exposure to the elements can leave them damp, potentially increasing the chances of mold and mildew. If you want to ensure your belongings stay safe during the winter, self storage in Calgary from a reputable facility is worth considering. 

self storage in Calgary 

Remember that the cold during the winter won’t damage any photos or historical documents you store in your self-storage unit. Rather, the damage is due to the drastic swing in the humidity levels. If you store items in basements or attics, you expose them to high and low humidity. High humidity allows mold and mildew to develop, while low humidity can dry up paper-based products, causing them to become brittle. 

  • Provide Adequate Space For Guests  

When the holidays are all about family and friends coming over, finding space for any clutter around your home is crucial. During the holidays, expect more people and belongings in your home.  

Self-storage is the ideal solution if you have clutter or items that don’t fit anywhere that you want to keep out of sight during the holidays. Renting one will ensure you have enough floor and closet space to accommodate your guests. Before family members start arriving, store excess decor, furniture, and clothing. Self-storage is the ideal way to make your home more spacious without much hassle.  

  • Storage For Landscaping Equipment  

As the winter season draws near, you should plan what to do with landscaping equipment and tools. During the winter, you’ll unlikely be using any of them due to the snow and ice.  

If your shed can’t accommodate your landscaping equipment or you don’t want them to occupy your garage, it’s a clear reason to rent a self-storage unit, especially if you have bulky items such as a lawn mower.  

  • Ensures Organized Home Improvements  

For homeowners eager to take on home improvement projects during the winter, a self-storage unit may be worth considering to keep everything organized.  

For example, if you plan on painting your home office or upgrading the kitchen cabinets, you’ll be using several tools. If you jump from one project to another after finishing one, a self-storage unit will serve as a space to stock up on your do-it-yourself (DIY) supplies. Doing so ensures keeping your project organized without adding clutter to your home. 

  • Preserve Your Outdoor Furniture 

The winters can be harsh in Calgary, so it’s best to be ready to store any outdoor furniture you have. Prolonged exposure to the elements can take its toll on outdoor furniture, especially if it’s not covered.  

Make the right choice by renting a self-storage unit. It’s the best way to ensure your patio furniture or barbeque unit will stay in good shape and functional for years to come. Storing them in a self-storage unit will keep them safe from cold winds, snow, and precipitation. If you want extra care for your belongings, check out a climate-controlled unit to protect them from significant swings in temperature.  

  • Provide Your Car With The Shelter It Deserves 

Your car is left out in the open when your garage is filled with clutter or belongings that don’t have anywhere else to go. During harsh winters, your vehicle has to endure the cold, and you have to clear up the driveway before heading to your destination. Sadly, you end up late for work.  

All of this is due to your vehicle’s lack of garage space. Renting self-storage before winter will ensure your car is safe within your garage. Additionally, you no longer need to spend extra time removing the snow on your vehicle. 

  • Good Level Of Security 

Nowadays, self-storage facilities ensure a safe and secure space to keep your belongings during the winter. Most facilities have top-notch security systems, ensuring your stored items are safe. Some security features in most self-storage facilities include PIN-coded access, advanced CCTV systems, and add-ons such as alarms and padlocks. 

Even if you can store almost anything in a storage unit, there are certain items not to store. Any potentially dangerous materials that are hazardous, combustible, or flammable shouldn’t be stored in your unit. 

Final Thoughts 

A self-storage unit should be worth considering before the winter season arrives. Having one can provide several benefits, such as keeping your home free of clutter and ensuring all your belongings stay in good shape for years. If you still hesitate to rent a self-storage unit, these benefits may change your mind.

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