Is It Worth Getting a Metal Roof?

One of the most popular questions when building a home or having a roof replacement is it worth getting a metal roof or stay with asphalt shingles. The answer is all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. In some situations, people wonder if it is good to put the metal roof over the shingles. 

It is an option and is an excellent decision if the standards and codes allow the homeowner and contractor to do so within the designated location. The location depends on the environment and safe to put the metal roof over the shingles. Together, looking over everything, there are the pros and cons which can weigh out to help make a decision. Every significant decision needs an extensive amount of research and understanding from the professionals, click here. It is a decision that should last many decades because the last thing anyone wants is to have repair or replace another roof after they did it. 

Pros of Getting a Metal Roof 

The two primary types of roofs are asphalt shingles and metal. One way to tell metal is better is because it has the better price. The statement is backed up by years of the professionals and homeowners seeing the durability. It has proven to be one of the longest-lasting roofs on the market. The life expectancy is 40 to 70 years, and it depends on the quality of the material and where it is purchased. Getting a generic brand will not last as long. Even the asphalt roofs only last up to 20 years at best before issues begin to occur. 

Then the metal roofs are durable. If the quality is good, the roofs can withstand up to 140 miles per hour wind gusts and not crack or corrode. Some metal material is impact resistant, meaning it can withstand flying objects in a windstorm hitting it. Even though it is more trustworthy, it does not mean you should never inspect the roof for damages. However, it will save on cost because it does not require the same periodic maintenance as other roofs.  

These roofs are also safe because they will not ignite or spark in a lightning strike or wildfire. One of the biggest reasons metal roofs are better is that the solar radiant heat reflects off the roof, saving on the electric bill cutting the cost from ten to 25 percent. Another reason to put a smile on people’s faces is that the metal roofs are environmentally friendly and can be recycled after it has done its time.  

The Disadvantages of Getting a Metal Roof    

One of the biggest deterrents to getting a metal roof is the cost. It can be two to three times higher than other roofs. If the home is meant to live in for decades, then the price should not be an issue as it will save money in the long run. 

The noise would be a factor to deter some people because when it is raining, or there is a hail storm, it can get pretty noisy inside the house. Some metals may have issues in certain climates when there is hail or rain. If the roof has cheap, low-grade metal, it stands a chance of rusting or getting dented if there is large-sized hail. 

If there is an issue in the installation process, the roof will expand and contract in the weather temperatures changing over time. This is the biggest reason why calling in professionals will save headaches.   

The final problem would be in the future should this be an issue. Should you have to replace one of the sheets of metal, the colors will not match. When anything has been out in the direct sunlight, the color will fade, so it won’t be easy to match up the sheets of metal to what is on the roof.

The Decision  

There is no way to tell which roof would be better without knowing all the facts first. Research is the key, and getting consultations from the contracting companies would be the best advice. They would know the statistics better than anyone since they know the codes and standards of each location.