How to Choose the Right Roofing Company for You

When you’re a homeowner with a roof in dire need of repair, it only stands to reason that time is of the essence. You need it fixed now, so you don’t have months to shop around for just the right company. However, that doesn’t mean you should hire the first contracting team that pops up in a Google search.

Rushing into a decision may seem like the only way to handle your roofing problems now, but you could wind up wishing you put more thought into it later. Thankfully, finding a good roofer in a pinch isn’t impossible. You just need to know what you’re looking for.

Ask your friends and neighbors

If you happen to know someone who’s recently had their roof repaired, ask them what they thought of the company they hired for the job. Were the workers professional, competent, and punctual? Was the work affordable, and did the company give a reasonably accurate estimate? Would they hire the same company to do a similar job again?

You may also want to ask for referrals online via platforms where locals hang out. NextDoor is an excellent place to go for local recommendations. So are Facebook groups that cater to homeowners in your local community.

Make sure they’re fully insured

You don’t want to leave yourself open to liability when you’re having someone work on your property. Your home is too significant an investment, and the potential consequences are much too serious. Your contractor needs to be fully insured.

Before you hire, check to ensure your roofing contractor carries both worker’s compensation and liability coverage. And don’t just take their word for it, either. Ask them to show you hard proof. Then call the insurance company in question to confirm.

Look into the company’s reputation

Always research a company thoroughly to make sure they have a history of doing good business before hiring them to work on your roof. Start by asking your would-be roofer for references and taking the time to follow up with each of them. Never hire someone who’s hesitant to give references or who makes you feel like you’re out of line for asking. It’s a massive red flag.

Make sure you do a little light research online, too. How satisfied are this company’s customers in general with the work? In cases where someone wasn’t fully satisfied, did they stand behind their work and do what they could to make things right? Be sure to check out the company’s Better Business Bureau ratings, as well.

Make sure they’re communicative

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as doing business with someone who isn’t as professional as they should be, so that’s the last thing you want when hiring a roofing company. You need contractors on the job who keep their word and follow through on what they say they’ll do without fail.

That said, how professional and communicative is the company you’re considering? Are they good at returning your calls and patient about answering all your questions? When you ask them to send documents or paperwork, do they do it promptly? If a contractor isn’t communicative when they’re still trying to win your business, you can bet things won’t get any better once they’ve got you locked in.

Get it all in writing

When working out the specifics of a particular job, you always want to get the specifics in writing, so you have something to fall back on if a dispute arises later. How large a crew does your contractor expect to need, and how long do they expect the job to take? What day do they expect to be finished, and what’s the estimate?

Make sure you look into warranties and other guarantees on both the that was work completed and the materials used, as well. Reputable roofers always stand behind their work with such things, so don’t move forward without a written guarantee. As with references, a refusal to give a guarantee is a no-no and a clear sign you should keep looking.

Whether you’re in the market for emergency repair services or necessary upgrades, you need workers you can count on to do the job. A little time spent doing your homework now can save you a considerable headache later on down the line.