Unique tips for renovating your living room and fireplace area

Living rooms need to be the most sorted out and well-decorated area of every house. No matter how messy your bedrooms are, a clean living room will save you from embarrassment. However, not every living room is well decorated, and some people do not even care to invest some time thinking to renovate the core place of their house. If this lockdown has made you rethink the décor of your house, start from the living room. 

A living room is the only place where you will be seated all year round. So do not forget to consider the best fireplace décor ideas with peel and stick tile stickers and an appealing window décor for summers too. 


Paint colors and wallpapers 

Surprisingly, walls are the most prominent aspect of any room, so neglecting them would be a disaster. Choose the best colors or patterns for your living room’s wall. If you would ask us, which thing can make or break the home décor? It is the color of the walls. 

As a matter of fact, even though the colors and patterns of walls play a crucial role in décor, you can still have the most affordable wall décor just by having the removable wallpaper or peel and stick vinyl wallpaper around the prominent areas such as fireplace mental, etc. 

The furniture of the living room

Do not rely on the average furniture in your living room. You need to invest a bit, get a few end tables and console tables to spruce up the room. If you want to have a vintage-style living room, then the wooden end tables and Foyer tables will be fine. However, for the modern room design, the metal-framed and glass tables will be enough. Lastly, ottomans can also give a fresh look as they are new and trendy.  

The rugs

A rug can play a significant role in making your living room better. One with a lot of designs on it might create an overwhelming look; thus, a simple rug will be enough. The only thing you should consider while choosing the rugs is the color contrast of the rugs with the sofas and curtains. 

The curtains

Silk curtains will give an industrial and luxurious look to your room. On the other hand, the regular curtains will look mundane. When it comes to the living room décor, you should choose some bold colors. A matte shade will be fine; otherwise, the luster will overshadow the room décor.  

The fireplace mental décor

The mental would automatically grab attention mainly because it is often located at the living room center. The convenient way to decorate the fireplace mental is with some artifacts and vinyl tiles. You can place your favorite art décor and antiques on the mental. However, do not forget to place the ones that are in contrast with the overall look of the living room. Putting up something odd will spoil the entire look of the living room.

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