What Skills Do Auto Locksmiths Possess?

Every person who owns a car has at some point been locked out of their car, whether it’s because of them losing their keys at the most inappropriate place or leaving their keys inside the car. 

In such circumstances, you can hire a locksmith for cars. These locksmiths are known as auto locksmiths professionally. They work similarly to an actual locksmith, except specializing in car locks. The door locks are quite simple as compared to ignition systems. These locksmiths are trained to replace the entire ignition system. 

With the emerging growth of the car industry, there has been a significant increase in jobs around car maintenance. Since cars are a long-term good, it does require time to time maintenance. However, the industry is also growing and constantly open to innovations; there are various opportunities. 

So, What Exactly Does an Auto Locksmith Do?

Auto locksmiths specialize in unlocking cars and replacing their keys. However, there are tons of other case scenarios surrounding car locks that they are trained in. This may be replacing the locks on the ignition system or taking out broken keys from locks. Often, it is too expensive to get this done at dealerships. 

This is where locksmiths come. Auto locksmiths mainly offer two types of services: in-shop and remote. In-shop services are normally concerned with tasks like making duplicate keys or fixing the locks in the ignition system. But the remote services are where these locksmiths come upon you as angels! If you are ever locked out of your car, they will come to your location and unlock it for you. 

Tasks of Locksmiths: Removing Broken Keys

As aforementioned, locksmiths are trained to deal with almost any situation that arises. One of these is removing broken keys. It happens rarely but is quite surprising when it does consider how keys are made of metal. However, this happens as a result of natural wear ran tear, or a wrong turn. It also depends on the quality of the key. 

If the key breaks in the lock, it makes it impossible to remove without professional assistance. Locksmiths make use of specialized key extraction kits to remove these keys. 

Unlocking Your Car Without The Key

Losing your keys or forgetting them inside your car is possibly one of the worst situations for a car owner to get into. Locksmiths have specialized methods to get into these cars. 

The most popular strategy is called ‘jimmying.’ This involves taking a piece of slim jim or thin piece of metal and shoving it in the gap between the window and the weather protection strips to reach the lock and open the car. Hangers can be used for this purpose too. However, a slim jim is considered a safer option and doesn’t cause much damage to the car. This method works wonders in cars that don’t have theft protection alarms. 

Most of these newer cars rely on a keyless remote that is used to unlock the car. If this remote is lost, locksmiths can reset the whole system to give you access to the car. 

Duplicating Keys

There are two types of keys: the standard metal ones and transponder keys with a specific chip inside them. Without this chip, the ignition doesn’t start even if the key matches the pattern. However, if you own a transponder key, it will be a bit pricier to get a duplicate. 

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