3 Ways to Fix a Broken Sprinkler System in Your Yard

What do you do when your sprinkler system isn’t working?

Certainly, it can be a scenario that many homeowners dread. Rather than enjoying your yard’s beautiful greenery and enhanced functionality, broken sprinkler systems can create more headaches than they are worth.

And while it’s understandable to get frustrated with the situation, you shouldn’t have to up and bite the oaks. There are a number of ways that you can do to solve the problem. 

So if your sprinkler system isn’t working, don’t give up hope just yet. Let’s look at three ways to fix a broken sprinkler in your yard.

1. Identify the Problem and Gather the Right Tools

The first step in fixing a broken sprinkler system in your yard is identifying the problem. Start by walking through the irrigation system. Observe all of the components, including the sprinkler heads, valves, pipes, and control boxes.

If anything is broken, clogged, or not flowing properly, you should mark the corresponding area.

Once these problems have been identified, you must determine what tools will be necessary to repair the system. These may include items like a wrench, screwdriver, pipe cutter, or a range of other items depending on the scope of the repair.

If you are unsure which tools are needed, consult a professional for assistance. Once you have the correct tools, you can start taking the necessary steps toward sprinkler repair.

2. Replace the Faulty Parts of the Broken Sprinkler

If the damage appears to be minimal, you may be able to repair it yourself using a few simple tools. If the damage appears to be more extensive, it will likely require the assistance of a professional.

After identifying the problematic parts of your sprinkler system, purchase the new parts from your local hardware store or online retailer. Take your old parts with you to ensure you buy the correct size and shape.

Following the instructions provided with your new parts, begin the sprinkler system installation process. Connect the new pipe where necessary.

Finally, adjust the system so it provides the setting you desire. With these steps, you should be able to effectively fix your broken sprinkler system.

3. Test the System With a Trial Run

Once the sprinkler system has been repaired, it is important to test it with a trial run to ensure it operates correctly. First, ensure each sprinkler head is functioning correctly and can be seen spraying water when it turns on. If any of the heads are not spraying water, further investigation may be needed.

Next, check the pressure of the system at the valve. If it is too low, the sprinkler heads may not be able to spray far enough to reach their designated area.

Finally, turn on the system and observe each sprinkler’s water pressure and flow. Keep an eye out for any dry spots and adjust until everything functions properly.

Have Your Broken Sprinkler Fixed Today

When your sprinkler system breaks, don’t panic! Follow the steps outlined in this article, and you’ll have your broken sprinkler system up and running in no time. If you need more help, calling a professional is a wise move.

Don’t delay; an adequate water supply is vital for healthy grass, plants, and trees. Get the solution you need – contact your local sprinkler service today! Your yard will thank you for it!

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