Study Essentials That You’ll Need to Be Productive in Delhi

As a student in Delhi, you know that you’re in the education capital of the country and that the road to the top is paved with a lot of hard work and competition. But when you live alone in a PG in Karol Bagh, without your parents to remind you to study, it can be difficult to stay focused. There are just so many distractions around you. Well, we know just how difficult it is to stay productive during your study session. And that’s why we’ve curated a list of study essentials that will up the effectiveness of your revision. So, whether it’s an assignment, a unit exam or a term paper, you’ll definitely be able to ace them. 

Let’s take a look at what exactly these must-haves are that will help you level up your studying:


As a student, planning is a habit you should definitely get into, and investing in a physical planner is a great way to do that. Make a note of your daily schedule, your class timetable, any test dates or assignment deadlines and you’ll find that making time for revision and handing in your submissions punctually comes so much easier. Not just that, having a physical planner will also become a record of the different tasks and practices you’ve accomplished. Trying to remember exactly when you attended that essay-writing seminar? Writing it in your planner can be an easy way for you to recall information later.

Reusable water bottle

A dehydrated mind is an unproductive mind. Think about it, when you’re dehydrated, you don’t feel your best physically and that reduces your concentration levels and makes your mind wander. But at the same time, you don’t want to keep interrupting your study sessions to grab a glass of water from the kitchen. That’s why having a water bottle at your desk is the best way to remind yourself to stay hydrated. And having a reusable water bottle just means you’re doing your part for the environment.

Notecards/Notebook and a Pen

Say what you will about technology but there’s nothing that aids the memory as much as writing things down. As you revise for your tests, make sure you have a notebook or a set of notecards on hand so that you can get the most of your revision. Use these to note down important points or questions, highlight statistics or vocabulary, or even to paraphrase your study material in your own words. Writing things down has been proven to be the best way of studying and remembering material in the long term so this is definitely a step you shouldn’t skip.


If you’re going to be at the top of your class in one of the best schools in Delhi, it’s really important that you’re able to focus on your studies. With admission in most colleges also dependent on sky high scores, it is even more important to ace your final school years. And if you have noisy hostel roommates or siblings making a ruckus outside your door, it can seem difficult to not be distracted. Well, earplugs can be of huge help here. Simply pop them in if you’re in a loud atmosphere and enjoy your revision undisturbed. If you’re someone who prefers a bit of white noise, you could also consider trying noise cancelling headphones with a white noise playlist to drown out the rest of the world as you study. 

And there you have it. School can be a bit stressful, but having these study essentials will make being productive during the term and completing your assignments a lot easier. Go ahead and stock up your study space. Happy learning!