5 Stylish Bedroom Styles to Try

Your bedroom is the first and last room you see everyday. It’s a place of refuge, peace, and recovery. Taking the time to design it to your tastes is a great way to make it even more your own. Are you more utilitarian and need things to be organized? Are you a cozy dweller? Is there an atmosphere that you really enjoy – such as the beach or the woods?

The themes you can bring to your bedroom are almost infinite, but here are some classic styles and themes to get you going.


1)   Simple and Modern

The classic aesthetic for the lover of minimalism and design. Modern styles focus on function, flow, and simple lines to bring simplicity to any room.

Some ideas to bring modern into your bedroom would be to make use of modern-styled table lamps, reduce wall art clutter and simplify with one or two choice art pieces, and buy a minimalistic, low bed frame.

2)   Be Cozy, Be Maximal

Not everyone likes the sometimes less comfortable minimalism of modern, so going in the opposite direction, try a little bit of maximalism.

Be excessive with the color in your room and don’t be afraid to be a little clashy. This bedroom for example might go overboard with the number of throw pillows for some, but you know this bed is designed for comfort.

And while white walls are common in bedrooms, they can pave the way for embellishing colors and bringing the focus of the room to specific places.

3)   Throw it Back to Rustic Times

The trend that keeps on keeping on: rustic. If when in peace, you find yourself thinking about the country, rustic is likely the style that will keep you at peace when winding down.

To make this style work, wood finishes and traditional-styled furniture is the way to go. Large beds raised high off the ground and polished, wooden furniture are hallmarks of this style. In this room, the use of a four poster bed frame adds an additional notch to the nostalgic vibes that rustic often implies.

Some other ideas to invoke rustic may be to install ceiling lights or wall lights also with wooden accents. Adding a touch of industrial – such as wrought iron accents or metallic table lamps – also compliments rustic design.

4)   Airy and Light

Sometimes a specific design trend doesn’t really interest you. You just want to have a little bit of color in a normal looking room. This is where a runner rug or area rug can work wonders for adding subtle, yet definite character. This bedroom for instance features a pink runner within a mostly white room. It doesn’t scream, but it adds significance to the overall design. Plus, a runner rug is perfect for keeping your feet warm when getting out of bed.

5)   Bold Metallic Accents

But, maybe you want to do the opposite: be bold and dramatic. A dark wall is an unexpected option, but when paired well with strong accent colors or finishes – such as gold, or bronze, it can really make room decor such as wall accents, pots, or throw blankets pop.

6)   Merge Multiple Styles

There’s no rule that says you must choose one style – some of the best designs use elements of multiple styles. You might start with modern principles of simplicity, but add some rustic elements for atmosphere.

Here’s a great example of taking natural elements and combining them with man-made elements as exemplified by bronze and gold finished table lamps. Having potted plants is great for cleansing the air in your space and can be relaxing on the eyes, but combining that with classic metals gives this room a slight tweak of luxury and refinement.

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