How to Become an Interior Designer

An interior designer is not just a person with good taste. He is an engineer, a psychologist and a specialist who argues with contractors instead of the client. If you’ve ever wanted to break into the interior design industry, the experienced authors at have all the insider knowledge and tips that will help get your career off on the right foot. With their years of expertise in writing about this exciting field, they can guide you through reaching out to customers and building a successful business.

What does an interior designer do

An interior designer doesn’t just make things beautiful. He saves the client money and creates a functional space where it is comfortable to live.

Some people don’t know which side of the house to take. Others seem to like the Scandinavian style, but only because in social networks, everyone’s home has a white wall and a chair on legs. The designer talks a lot with the client, shows different interiors and finds out his real tastes.

The designer gives the opportunity to solve all problems before the project is realized. With the help of visualizations and renderings, the specialist shows how a particular solution will look like in the customer’s space. All changes are made at the project stage, not when everything is ready, as is often the case. If you involve a designer at the beginning of the work, the house will not be a situation where you need a floor lamp where there is no outlet.

The designer does not have to spend extra time and money. He knows reliable contractors, enjoys discounts. And in addition, understands the adequate value for money. With a professional designer to a client who does not understand materials, not to sell an ordinary tile for the price of Italian marble.

Many people think that the designer is just a person with good taste. And there is nothing to learn: given or not given. But in fact it is not so. Knowing how to properly zone a space and understand the finishes can be taught. And pretty quickly. On the “Interior Designer Profession” course at Skillbox, you can learn all the ins and outs of home design in a year, and you can start to create your own projects with special software.

The interior designer profession: why it has good prospects

The demand for the services of interior designers is growing. More and more people realize that it is much easier and cheaper to hire a professional immediately, than to remodel or purchase something extra.

The desire to live in a comfortable space is not a luxury or a whim. The design of the apartment affects not only your mood, but also your health. The designer can make the house more environmentally friendly and make sure that all materials are non-toxic. This is especially important for families with children. In addition, a good interior – is a sound investment: an apartment with a non-modern repair will be difficult to rent or sell profitable.

Designers are also in demand because their profession is multifaceted. Creativity, the ability to do calculations, the ability to communicate with customers and contractors, understanding of current trends – this is not a complete list of skills that a good specialist has. This means that he helps clients to solve a variety of problems.

Where to start training

To become an interior designer from scratch, you need to master a number of knowledge and skills. There are several ways to learn.

Mastering the profession on your own

On the Internet, there are many video tutorials (paid and free) on the work of an interior designer. You can read relevant books. But there are many disadvantages in mastering the material independently. No one is controlling you and you can understand what mistakes are made only in the process of work. The independent way is long and difficult.


You can become an interior designer from scratch by completing short-term courses. Within a few months, professionals will tell you how to build a competent job, what you need to know and be able to. You can choose several complementary areas: the basics of the profession, lessons on working with programs, color courses, etc.

It is important not to “drown” in the variety of training programs and not to become an eternal student, and not starting to work.

Assistant Interior Designer

Working under a professional with no experience is a rare but very good practice. It is rare because designers do not often take on apprentices due to lack of time. But if you are lucky, and you found such a specialist, then master the case quickly, doing mostly in practice.

Design faculties

The most reliable way – to go to college. If finances allow and you have a good command of foreign languages, you can choose one of the prestigious European universities or courses.

Institutions offer different terms and levels of education – from courses to a master’s degree. Check the universities’ websites for up-to-date information on costs, admission requirements and other details.

When choosing a course or university, look at the programs by field. If you are studying to become an interior designer from scratch, make sure the program includes the basic subjects, the basics of the profession. In addition, look for scholarship opportunities and scholarship essay writing service that can help you finance your education. With a scholarship, you will be able to focus on your coursework without worrying about the costs of tuition, materials, and other fees.

To have a good base, it is optimal to study for at least a year.

What an interior designer should know

Do I need to be able to draw?

Ideally, yes. But modern programs allow you to neglect this skill. Nevertheless, if you know the basics of drawing, it will be easier for you to understand composition, coloristics and other directions, which are valuable when designing interiors.

Computer programs

The most common programs and applications are:

  • Autodesk Homestyler;
  • Autodesk 3ds Max;
  • Google SketchUp;
  • 3D Room Planner;
  • Sweet Home 3D.
  • ArchiCAD;
  • AutoCAD;

Some dealers and manufacturers produce their own applications in which the interior is designed using catalog products and the cost of all objects is determined at once.

Specifics of repair and construction work

If your first education is an engineer, it will be easy for you to develop drawings, build the appearance of the interior in connection with the technical features of the building. But if you own another profession, you need to master at least the basic principles of construction.

Light Design

The ability to properly consider the light in a room is one of the main requirements for designers. And in modern projects, it is not enough just to hang a chandelier and sconces. It is necessary with the help of light to create a mood, to affect emotions.

Additionally .

Do not prevent a successful business knowledge of the basics of marketing and management, accounting, psychology and other specialties. No need to own them to perfection – all will develop with experience, but it’s better to start with some “baggage”.

In general, if you are motivated and organized person, if you want to become an interior designer, everything will work out. Consistently master all the necessary skills, think through a business strategy, and over time you will return the investment in professional development, get a profit and enjoy the new profession. And if you need help with college assignments related, there are plenty of excellent online services, including finance essay help, that can provide expert guidance and support.