7 Benefits of Indoor Plant Rooms You May Not Know

Your social media feeds might be filled with beautiful rooms that are sprinkled with indoor greenery. There’s a reason for that. Those plants are more than just a pretty face for the Insta squares. They add real value to the space where they live. 

The benefit of indoor plants goes well beyond how they look. Although the beauty of indoor plants shouldn’t be overlooked especially if you are plodding through a cold winter. 


What is an indoor plant room and how does it add value to your home? For the many reasons you love outdoor gardening, your indoor plants will add the same joy and value to your home and life. 

Read on to learn about some of the many benefits of indoor plants in your home. You should be considering an indoor plant room soon!

1. Sparks Creativity

Feeling the winter and indoor blahs? There is research that says your indoor plants can help to spark creativity for you. The study found that those who are working and have views of outdoor greenery felt more inspired and creative than those who did not have those same views. 

It makes sense then that bringing some plants into your home or creating an indoor plant room will offer some creative inspiration. The study even went beyond the plants to suggest that the color green, too, offers creative inspiration. 

For many who have been working from home, perhaps it’s time to add some green plant life to your workspace.

2. Reduce Stress and Anxiety

A study published by the Journal of Physiological Anthropology reported what most plant lovers already know. Having plants in your home can make you more comfortable, soothed, and natural feeling.

Another study found that even having a small plant in your home helps to lower stress and anxiety.  The plants are able to lower anxiety and stress levels by suppressing the autonomic nervous system.

If you’re already a plant lover you know that the plants become part of your life, your family so to speak. Spending time with your plants provides a source of comfort.  

If you have ever spent some time wandering through a beautiful garden center, you know how calming and comforting the views can be. 

3. Improves Air Quality

NASA did a study considering the idea of phytoremediation. This term,  phytoremediation,  defines the ability plants have to remove contaminants from the air. 

NASA wanted to find ways to keep the inside of closed-up spaceships cleaner and healthier. What they found supports the value of having plants in your own home for improved air quality. 

By including soil and roots from plants in the spaceship they were able to lower airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs) significantly.

You know from your school days science classes that plants emit oxygen into the air. They also grab toxins like formaldehyde and benzene from the air. The plant takes those toxins and converts them for food for the plant while pushing oxygen back out into the environment in which they live. 

4. Improves Productivity

There are a whole host of studies showing the impact of plants on productivity. Looking to improve how much work you get done when you sit down at your desk in the morning? You might want to add a plant to the corner of your desk. 

The same could be said of productivity in your home. With so many working from home these days, there might be some real value in adding some plants. 

One study with college kids found that just putting some plants in their study areas increased their productivity by about 12%

Another study found that people who worked with plants near them actually used fewer sick days and were generally healthier than those who didn’t work with plants around them. 

5. Helps In Illness Recovery

Yes, there’s a reason we send flowers and plants to those recovering in the hospital to cheer them up and let them know we are thinking of them. But there might be more to it than simply offering well wishes. 

A study done in a hospital found that when a person who has had surgery can see plants and flowers they use less pain medication and have shorter hospital stays. 

The study makes the connection that plants help aid in recovery times. Could this be true of having plants in your home too?  It makes sense that if you know someone recovering from an illness or injury having plants around them might just make their recovery be a little easier. 

6. Improves Mental Health

It will come as no surprise that having plants around doesn’t just help your physical health, it also can help your mental health too. 

Any gardener will tell you how good they feel when they can get outside and do some digging in the dirt. This same philosophy applies to horticultural therapy inside the home. 

Studies have used the idea of caring for plants helps to increase the feelings of wellness amongst those who suffer from depression, anxiety, dementia, and other conditions.

Part of many mental health programs now includes the advice to start caring for a potted plant. 

Caring for plants in your own home can provide that same calming feeling of wellness too.

7. Lovely Aesthetic

No list about the value of plants could go without addressing how lovely indoor plants look. They had visual layers to any room. The aesthetic value of plants can’t be ignored. They look pretty and will add to any room where you add them. 

If you create a room for indoor plants, know that it will be a space that provides comfort and warmth in your home.

Reap the Benefits of Indoor Plants In Your Home

There is a long list of benefits of indoor plants. Consider visiting your local garden center for indoor greenery. You will feel better and work better with the plants around you.

For more ways to improve your home, be sure to visit our page often.

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