Engage Students in Faith-Focused Learning at Christian Alliance International School

Definition of Christian Alliance International School 

Christian Alliance International School (CAIS) is an international Christian school in Hong Kong. Established in 2002, CAIS has become a leading educational institution for students worldwide. The school provides a unique learning environment that integrates Christian values with the best of international education.

At Christian International School HK we believe that each student should be allowed to reach their full potential and become a responsible global citizen. Our mission is to provide a well-rounded education based on biblical principles, enabling our students to grow spiritually, academically, and socially into outstanding individuals who will serve God and others around them.

The curriculum at CAIS follows an American standards-based approach that prepares students for further studies at universities worldwide. We offer programs from Kindergarten through Grade 12 with classes taught in English by qualified teachers passionate about learning and teaching with Christian values as their foundation. As part of our commitment to providing quality education, we offer diverse extracurricular activities, including music, art, sports, and service opportunities. 

Since its inception in 2002, CAIS has provided an excellent educational experience for thousands of students from over 50 countries across five continents, many of whom have pursued successful careers in some of the world.

Advantages of Attending Christian Alliance International School 

Attending Christian Alliance International School (CAIS) offers students a unique and rewarding educational experience. CAIS stands out from other schools in its commitment to academic excellence, variety of extracurricular activities, supportive environment, integration with the surrounding community, and global connections.

  • Academic Excellence

At CAIS, students are encouraged to reach their full potential through rigorous coursework that challenges them to think critically and creatively. The curriculum is designed to develop essential skills such as problem-solving and communication to help students succeed in college or future careers. CAIS also offers a wide range of Advanced Placement courses, which allow motivated students to gain college credit while still in high school. 

  • Variety of Extracurricular Activities & Supportive Environment 

At CAIS, there are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved outside the classroom through clubs or sports teams. The faculty has created a safe and supportive environment where students can explore new interests without fear of judgment or failure. Everyone at the school is committed to helping each other grow academically and personally while having fun! 

  • Integration with the Surrounding Community & Global Connections 

CAIS values its connection with the local community by providing service learning opportunities as research for Members’ Knowledge Mobilization. School Innovation Grants. School Surveys. Research Webinars and Research Committees.

Christian Alliance International School

Christian Alliance International School is an excellent school offering quality education to students from all backgrounds. The school provides a rigorous academic program with a strong emphasis on Christian values, creating an atmosphere of respect and opportunity for its students. Their dedication to excellence and commitment to providing an inclusive learning environment make CAIS a great choice for those seeking a quality education with Christian teachings.