7 Features To Look For In An Auto Transport Company

The need for an auto transport company might arise at any time.  Whether when you plan to relocate to a different part of the country, looking to purchase a vehicle in another state, or you simply just want someone to drive you around for a change, knowing the right features to look out for is important when choosing a car transport company.

There are several features to consider when hiring an auto company from their availability in both your current and intending destination to their reputation including pricing. Here are some features to look out for.

Their Deposit Policy

Do the auto movers you want to hire charge a deposit fee before guaranteeing a good service?

That’s something you need to look out for. Some transport companies request for an initial deposit from their customers to add them to “the list” long before your car even gets loaded onto their carriage. 

If the company you intend to hire has this policy, it is a clear indication for you to take your needs somewhere else. It could be a sign that the auto company is going through hard financial times and they might be using your money as their private line of credit to run the business. They might give you your quote upfront but that’s an entirely different case from having you deposit money before they take any action. Your price, depending on the package you select, might vary and would be finalized during your consultation process.

Price Range

Price is another feature to look out for in an auto transport company. Check out no less than four different transport companies to know what their prices are. That way, you’d be able to get a good comparison. 

Take a good look at what each package includes in the pricing of your vehicle. You might find good options that would benefit you. Wouldn’t it suck if you had to find out in a weird way that there were some other charges you never knew about? By comparing prices, you’d able to choose a company that suits your need.

No-Obligation Quotes Rule

Credible auto transport companies will gladly offer you free and no-obligation quotes. Watch out for companies like the ones above who would charge a deposit or small refundable fee for you to get a quote. You need to also look out for auto movers who refuse to provide a well-written and detailed quotation for their services.

Major players in the auto transport game would even go as far as advertising free shipping quotes and they would not change or increase their price once it’s quoted and decided upon. Go for a company that has this feature. 

Registration Number

For an auto transport services to be considered credible, it needs to have been registered with the Department of Transport (DOT). Whether it is within the state, outside the state, or going internationally, demand for their DOT number. 

Considering that vehicle transport services are usually an interstate company, they need to also have a Motor Carrier Number. Inquire from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to see if the company has a safe driving record.

Companies shipping overseas need to also be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission. It’s a red flag if they can’t produce any of the aforementioned.

Insurance Plan

Even after confirming that the transport company is dully registered, you need to ensure that they’re insured and bonded as well. In so doing, if anything should happen to their driver or your vehicle the cost won’t be on you, it would entirely be their fault. 

Find out about their insurance package and what it covers. Ensure you understand it fully before totally committing. Go as far as asking about their insurance documents. Several vehicle insurance companies’ packages may not cover the transportation of your car. 

If coverage for your car is done based on the package selected, consider changing the package to increase the package. It might cost more than you budgeted for but when compared to the peace of mind you get to experience, it’s totally worth it. 

Safety Protocol

What safety protocol do they have in place to ensure your vehicle arrives at the destination in one piece? Find out from them about their usual protocol. A good company will ask you to take photos of preexisting damages inside and outside of the car. They would inform the driver and might ask you to bring some form of documentation. Once the car arrives, the driver would assess the car before you do yours. If your transport doesn’t offer this, look for another. 

Do They Have References?

Can they provide you with reviews from their past customers? A good company should be able to provide this if they’re confident of their services. If they can’t, search for an auto transport company that has an irrefutable reputation and credibility with a consumer protection organization, such as the Better Business Bureau.

Not every company offers the same services; their mode of operation is equally different. This is why you must follow closely match the features to be highlighted in this article against transport companies you might want to hire. You wouldn’t want just anyone handling your vehicle especially if it’s a limited edition.

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