How to clean your washing machine?

Have you ever thought of cleaning the cleaning machines, be it your washing machine or vacuum cleaner? If not, start thinking because otherwise your clothes and room would not look up to the mark. Most of the time, people complain that even after a good long wash their clothes do not smell good. This is mainly because of the unclean and dirty washing machine, cleaning machines is not easy, as a lot of people do not know the basic tricks for proper cleaning. 

Mold and fungus are the two most common issues. You might have noticed that there would be slight discoloration or fungal patches whenever you wash clothes in an old machine. This is quite ominous, and you cannot be blind to this fact that you either need to change the washing machine or clean the current washing tool.

In this article, we will have a look at the method of cleaning the washing machine appropriately. Let us have a look at the steps.

The door seals first.

For those who do not know what gasket or seals in a washing machine is, they must term them as pure rubbers fixed on the outer part of your washing machines. For cleaning these rubbers, you must get a clean cloth and twist it to make thin folded sheets; a few drops of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can make your task easy. This mixture would clean all the sticky satins quickly.

Cleaning the drum

You will again need a quart of the vinegar, and it would be great to add hydrogen peroxide, chlorine bleach, or baking powder, to increase its potency. First, you must fill your machine with water and turn it on for almost 15 minutes, then dry the interior. After one round, you must add water and the mixture of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, now let the machine take rounds for almost 20 minutes and let the mixture soak for more than 10 minutes.

The dispenser and other parts

The filters and dispensers are crucial for the proper working of a washing machine, here again, you can use the same ingredients if you are not satisfied with the home-made bleaches then you must use some synthetic and robust bleaches. Get a towel and gently rub the dispensers and filters after soaking the sheet in the bleach solution.

Tips for cleaning the washing machine

  • While you are cleaning the Euronics washing machine, make sure that you are wearing gloves throughout this process. Otherwise, you may burn your hands.
  • While cleaning, it would be better to use clean cloth rather than using a dirty torn material.
  • If you still smell a terrible odor, then you must open the filter and brush it with a soft-bristle brush and adequately clean the filters. A toothbrush is an ideal tool for cleaning the filters.
  • Temperature can affect the cleaning process if the main goal is to remove the germs and bacteria. It would be excellent if you will use hot water for cleaning but be very careful while cleaning with warm water. 

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