Five hacks to prevent to shower clogs

A clogged bathroom drain can be the worst thing you would face while staying at home, as now we all are stuck at our home, and it is high time for giving our houses a deep spring cleaning thus, being a responsible person, you must make sure that you are not skipping your bathroom and kitchen. Washing the floor of your toilet is not deep cleaning of your bathroom.

Numerous other articles in your bathroom need an appropriate cleaning session as well. You cannot clean the entire bathroom in a single go, and you need to plan appropriately. Once you have cleaned your bathroom, you need to add a few more articles to your bathroom so that you may not get into trouble next time you wash it. These articles can be some cleaning nets, bathtub hair catcher, and the drain covers.

In this article, I would share some hacks that can help you maintain your bathroom as a clean place. Have you ever been to a washroom that is not clean and its floor covered with hair and dirt? Nothing can be worse than having a bath in a bathroom where you cannot rinse properly because the shower is clogged.

Make a DIY mesh drain cover.

I know the majority of us are using plastic or metal covers for the bathroom drains, but they do not work at all, as a lot of hair would flow down the holes, or when the water pressure will increase, they would spread on the tiles. Creating a mesh DIY drain cover can help a lot, as the mesh material has got quite small holes. You need the fiberglass screen that we use for the windows and place it under the drain cover.

Using drain snakes

Removing the hair from your bathroom drain cover is the most challenging task. You need a few tools when the condition gets worse, and you are unable to use water in your shower. It would help if you had a drain snake for pulling out all the hair from your bathroom drain.

Using some homemade DIY chemicals

If you feel that you have not got any synthetic bleach near you, as it is the lockdown going on. We cannot go to the grocery stores so that you may use baking soda and vinegar as an alternative; this mixture will melt down all the tiny particles of dirt that would be clogging your bathroom drain.

Enzyme mixtures occasionally

Even though you are taking great care of your bathroom, but you still need a protocol for proper cleaning of this place. If you use chemicals on a monthly or weekly basis, enzymes and mixtures of compounds can be quite useful. You can pick up any renowned brand and use it for good.

Make the bugs go away

Tiny bugs and spiders can inhabit your bathroom, so you need to keep an eye on this. Naphthalene and other bug repellent spray can help a lot if used weekly. You only need to spray the repellent once in a blue moon and let the bugs die.